11 creative ways on how to ask a guy out on a date

You might feel scared, intimidated or shy about asking the guy you like out, yet there is no need to worry about it as plenty of girls also feel it. If you are tired of waiting around for him to ask you out, then you should be the first one with the help of these creative ways on how to ask a guy out on a date, collected by Wikiyeah.com. Check out all of them and start planning your strategy to get that guy becoming your boyfriend!

How To Ask A Guy Out – 11 Creative Tips For Girls

How To Ask A Guy Out

1. Buy Him A Drink

If a man catches your eye while you are out with your friends, then send over a beer. Because it will force him to make the next move for saying thank you, it is really a creative way to let him know you are interested.

2. Suggest A Super Guy-Friendly Outing

Try to gauge what the guy you have set your sights on is into. When you chat him up, you ask him what he did over the weekend. Then, start casually suggesting something similar. The idea could be going out for wings or to the batting cages for the following Saturday. [Read: how to seduce a man in seconds]

3. Get A Spare Ticket

If possible, you get tickets to the concert that he is dying to see or the game he really wants to check out. Then, invite him to join with you. That way, he will be amped that you share the similar interests to him. Make sure that it is something you also want to see. If so, if he could not make it, you still have a great time with your best friend.

4. Invite The Guy On A Group Date

If you could not quite bring yourself to suggest the solo time with him, you can invite him out with a bunch of your own friends. This will make you feel more at ease. The tip here is to avoid having your Gisele look-a-like pal tag along as you might want to make sure that his eyes will stay glued to the only you. [Read: how to be less shy around guys]

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