11 creative ways on how to ask a guy out on a date

5. Leave A Serious Hint

If you could not bring yourself to invite a guy out by your own, then another tip on how to ask a guy out is to give him the green light to ask you. Here is how: after flirting a little bit, you say something like, “Have you heard about this new movie? I have been dying to see it.” This will give that guy the golden chance to suggest you to watch it together. And, as you have hinted at the suggestion, then it may take some of the planning pressure off him. [Read: how to make your boyfriend happy]

6. Scavenger Hunt

The idea of scavenger hunt means that you leave the last clue in a note that says: “I want you to go out with me”, then you tell him in the note where to find you. As he comes, you hide behind something and jump out behind him, cover his eyes and say “do you?”

7. Avoid Being Flirty

If you really want to tease a guy into going a date with you, then you need to avoid giving him the obvious signs first by being flirty and asking him out on a date. This might creep him out when he is not actually ready to make things formal. Rather than, you can ask him out casually to check a certain new restaurant or bar that has opened. That way, you will end up sitting there for a drink or dinner.

8. Date By An Appointment

This is one of the most creative ways on how to ask a guy out if he likes works and schedules people for appointments. Here is how: call him and make an appointment under another name. After that, you show up at his office with some take out. If possible, you find what his favorite restaurant is and ask him out to it. This way, you will have a date!

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