11 creative ways on how to ask a guy out on a date

9. Have Touchy Feely Conversations

Touch him when you are talking to him, yet do not come on too strong. Actually, a girl who touches a guy a lot is either too comfortable with him or very desperate. You might want to be neither. You are a classy girl who already knows when to touch and when to keep distance. Besides, do not flirt too much, as mentioned earlier in the previous tip on how to ask a guy out. It is trashy and could bore any man. After all, a strongly flirty girl could get rather annoying and boring. Rather than, you should make him want more. Just simply save your flirting for only several lines in the whole conversation. Do not make it too obvious that you are interested and falling for him.

While talking to him, avoid touching him too much. When there is no one around, all of a sudden, lean forward and whisper something in his ear. It can be gossip or a flirty comment like “I like your shirt”. When you do that, clasp his hands, and loosely lock your fingers with his. When you keep your distance from him throughout the conversation and suddenly come close once in a few conversations, you blow hot and cold, thereby confusing him. If you do properly, your action will make him blush and confused, and leave him wanting you closer. [Read:  Make him desire you review – A detailed relationship guide for women]

10. What Is The Worst Thing That Could Occur

The worse thing that could happen would be that the guy will say “No”. Remember this and then prepare yourself to ask that guy out. Remembering this will help you endure the pain in case this occurs. [Read: how to impress a boy and make him like you]

11. Have An Exit Strategy

Last but not least important when it comes to learning how to ask a guy out is to plan for yourself a lucid exit strategy. Though you should concentrate on the best case scenario rather than the worst, you need to be aware that there is tiny chance that the man will not say “Yes.” Perhaps, he likes someone else or perhaps he was startled and only thought of you as a friend. However, if you want to not lose your cool, you should come up with the backup plan in case things do not go as you planned.

To deal with this situation, you should come up with the reasonable reason to leave in advance. Whether it is saying that you are going to have a test, or get to your next class, or you will be late to meet up with your friend, it might sound better when you prepared it.

Or, another tip is to come up with something to ask him. Ask him so it does not look weird that you came up to him, such as asking for the math homework or anything he knows well.

The next time you like a guy, use these 11 tips on how to ask a guy out without really asking him out. There is no easier way to go on a date with your dream guy than these.

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