How to ask her to be your girlfriend – 8 ways to make it official

For guys, asking their dates to make it official could be a little exciting and scary at the same time. The decision to be a significant other of someone could not be forced or manipulated. For many cases, chances are still 50-50, particularly if there are not any signs of it occuring yet. Starting and being in a romantic relationship could be a big deal because many things will change after that. Your routine, your feelings, your schedule… nearly half of your current life will be impacted, either positively or negatively, to some kind of adjustment.

How to ask her to be your girlfriend

Who Will Be Your Next Girlfriend?

You may fall in love with a girl, yet you are not sure that she is the one for you? You are wondering how to ask her to be your girlfriend? Read on this entry to make your dream come true. Remember that you could not ask a person to immediately assume they are in a relationship with you. The kind of thinking often backfires. When it is okay? Is there any common script men use? Let’s say, asking a girl to be your girlfriend needs to be carried out in a specific circumstance. There is a suitable place and time. Check out from WikiYeah now!

When Should You Get Her To Be Your Girlfriend?

It is the best to ask this question. The most proper time to ask this question is when you are not doing anything else needed your attention. Avoid asking when you are in the middle of a certain activity. It is not ideal to ask her this instantly after the first date, either. Basing on how strongly you feel about it, the earliest you could ask her is after the 3rd date. Despite it is not the perfect time to ask, three dates seem to be more than enough time to know if you want to see a girl exclusively. It all depends on your ability of getting along during these first dates.

Where Should You Ask Her To Be Your Girlfriend?

There are some limitations where it is not suitable to ask such question. Ideally, a person will be more inclined to agree with your idea in case you ask this in a romantic context or setting. You can plan a walk through a beautiful park or set a dinner in the glow of a romantic sunset view.

How To Ask Her To Be Your Girlfriend

Asking this question seems to be not a challenge, but the build-up may be excruciating. Not knowing the result could take its toll on you; hence, it is the best to go home or go hard. That way, you will not have any regret about the situation, as you tried your best. The following list will help you in this endeavor. However, note that this is a private conversation, not a wedding proposal that could be public. You ask a girl to be your girlfriend, so do not put too much pressure on yourself as well as her.

1. Ask With The Help Of Food

The first tip on how to ask her to be your girlfriend is making use of food. You could write it with ketchup, place the statement in the pizza box, put it on the cake. It is sweet and adorable, and you could always consume the food if you are rejected.

2. Use A Kitten Or A Puppy

It is believed that this is the most efficient way to ask the girl to be your girlfreind. It is not possible to say no to such an adorable puppy or kitten. Make sure that you have the kitten or putty on hand everywhere you go, if the girl afterwards changes their mind.

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3. Use Bold, Big Lettering

Like mentioned above, a proposal like this needs to be done privately. If you plan on doing this at home, then it will not be too much hard to place a big sign with lots of hearts and Os and Xs in the bed room.

4. Use A Gratuitous Present

Chocolates, flowers, or a simple teddy bear – or anything else that says “I like you” will help you this case. A little bribery will never hurt anyone’s opportunities, right?

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5. A Musical Playlist

It is corny, it may actually work. Many people are so passionate of music nowadays. If you can find something that can tug at the musical heart strings of your girl, then you could allow the music to work its role on her.

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6. During A Hug

One of the most effective way on how to ask her to be your girlfriend is during a hug. But, avoid judging a girl just because the only contact they allow you is a hug. It is still a personal gesture, and could serve as an opening for you to execute your plan of telling her that you want to date her exclusively.

7. After A Kiss

If she let you kiss her, then it may be a good time to ask her to be your girlfriend. Ask her where she thinks this is going. However, as said above, try not to do this right after your first date.

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8. Sincerely

Not mention to the puppies and kittens, this is considered the best bet when it comes to asking her if she would like to be your girlfriend. Maybe, for all the way. No matter what way you choose to ask her to be your girlfriend, sincere and honest are always a necessity.

Even when these ways do not work for you as you expected it to, you still followed your instinct and took an opportunity. Not much could be said for those who keep the second-guess themselves in the same situation. The point is that you will never know what could occur if you do not give it a try.

Keep in mind that there are just two outcomes: either you will be your dream girl’s boyfriend and build a possible long lasting relationship, or you learn from your mistakes and help you avoid any further rejection.