How to attract women with body language – 10 secret tips

When it comes to the art of attracting women, the biggest “key” is not in the look, not age, not even closeness, not income. The biggest key is communication. To be more specific, it is more than just talking. However, 90% of communication in these days is done in such as way that you do not have to speak at all. What we are communicating today majorly does not come from our mouths.

The 90% of communication mentioned above is body language. It is said that even when you are not talking, you still send some “signals” that people around pick up subconsciously, particularly women. When you see someone walking with their head down and their hands in the pockets, do you want to approach him/her? In another circumstance, when you see a person walking with their head up and shoulders back, do you want to approach them? Well, you may get my point. When you change your body language, the results will be almost instant. Right from the moment you change your body language, not only will you feel better about yourself, but other people will also be more likely see you more friendly.

Despite changes in body language could be small and subtle, yet overtime, if you practice enough, it will become a natural part of you.

Now, you guys may wonder how to attract women with body language. Here we from introduce some tips about body language men could use to attract the woman of their dreams.

How To Attract Women With Body Language

How to attract women with body language

1. Pay Attention To Your Movement

Those nervous men are jerky and fidgety while confident ones make controlled movements. Those men who are successful with women often walk slowly. You will not see a confident guy fidgeting his own fingers or with restless leg syndrome. So, if you want to know how to attract women with body language, the first secret is to slow down the movements to a more comfortable version. This will make you approach-friendly.

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2. Lean Back And Relax

Guys, in order to attract women with body language effectively, when you sit up or in any kind of position not standing up, simply lay back and simply relax. Let the arms hang down comfortably at your sides. Shy men tend to “shield” themselves from others by sitting forwards with the arms folded. Avoid doing this because it may make you look unconfident and closed off.

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3. Smile

A smile can tell a lot about you. It is an indispensible tool for attracting women. To make us of your smile the right way to attract women, you should go the bathroom mirror, remember a hilarious thing, laughing hard. It is normal if you try to fake it at first. Then, let the laughter fade into such an exaggerated smile before letting the smile fading into a more natural smile. Try to remember how it feels like.

That is what you should do to create a killer smile which will make women hanging on your words and let you professionally say and do what you never thought possible.

4. Be Spacious

Another secret tip on how to attract women with body language is to be spacious as much as you could. If you sit in a lobby, lean back and kick the legs out. This is considered as a “territorial” action which makes people notice you subconsciously. When people see you taking up such space, they will assume that you to be the alpha man in a room and you are the person who is the funniest.

5. Posture Of Walking

When you walk, it is crucial to pose a great posture, as a man. If you walk with the head down and the hands in pocket, you will look approachable. Keep your back straight, head tilted a little bit. Chest out and shoulders back. This will attract women a lot. Pay your attention to any rock star, millionaire, and celebrity; you will notice that they also walk this way. It is because they are confident.

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6. Be Indifferent And Calm

In order to be more attractive to women, do not show too much emotion at any given time. This will make you seem as if you are not in control of your situation as well as your life.

7. Slow Down If You Talk Fast

People talking fast are often left in the dust as they either are embarrassing to talk to or talk too quickly for others to comprehend. By talking slower, you will be more controlled. Also, it stops you from doing any embarrassing things like stuttering – one of the massive signs of getting nervous.

If possible, you should master of the above tips on how to attractive women with body language. That way, you will be in a different league with the woman you love.

8. Use Your Eye Contact

If you are like many women, you may not make enough eye contact or even do not know how to make eye contact with women when trying to create an attraction. In essence, when talking to her, you will look into her eyes. So, try to cultivate that body language, so you will notice that your attraction skyrocket. [Read more: 7 secret tips to look people in the eyes]

9. Angle

Many men ignore the angle factor in regard to body language. When talking, turn towards her. Then, turn away yet turn in if she turns to speak. This body language hack is simple but could help you create more attraction to women.

10. Touch

Well, this secret of body language sounds sensitive and hard to master, but it does help you take your body language to the next level. It is okay to touch a woman in a safe spot such as her upper back, hands, or arms when talking to each other. This will not only create more attraction but also show your confidence in potential relationships.