11 tips on how to avoid awkward silences during a date

Have you ever been on a date peppered with many awkward pauses that time seems to drag on? Those first few dates are really tricky business, and they tend to get worse over time. Keep these tips on how to avoid awkward silences during a date in mind! From Wikiyeah.com!

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you feel uncomfortable and do not what to say or do, then read the following great suggestions and you will not have to worry about those awkward silences again. Use some conversation tips on how to avoid awkward silences during a date here, collected by Wikiyeah.com, so you will be able to spice the conversations with your date easily.

How To Avoid Awkward Silences During A Date – 11 Conversation Tips

How to avoid awkward silences during a date

1. Pay Attention

If your man is taken the time to tell you the name of his brother, his dog, his favorite romantic movie, his birthday, his mum, and his best friend, you should try to remember them. At least some of them anyway. Anything you could pick up might make you seem interested and attentive. Nevertheless, getting it wrong or just obviously not listening will be embarrassing. This is the first and foremost tip on how to avoid awkward silences during a date. [Read: conversation tips for couples]

2. Do Not Talk About Past

When it comes to learning how to avoid awkward silences during a date, you should keep in mind to avoid mentioning about the past, if they do not bring it up. Do not weasel the information about why the last relationship of your date failed, or something similar. Those questions will undoubtedly result in awkward silences. Changing the situation by turning the topic to yourself. If you have no problem at your own past, tell about it, yet remember to talk about happy memories and avoid the boohoo ones. [Read: the art of storytelling]

3. Acknowledge It

Be honest with your date about that silence. That way, you might be surprised at how well honesty can work in your situation. Slice through the tension with the honest response in a comical voice. Then, continue with a new subject of conversation entirely unrelated the thing that you previously talked about. [Read: questions to ask on a date]

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