How to avoid awkward tension after an argument – 7 useful tips

Arguments might not be avoided in relationships, yet they are not fun at all. And, after an argument, awkward tension is common and most people hate it. Despite you are not getting annoyed anymore, there is still awkward tension and silence existing around both of you and you could not get back into normality.

You will wonder if the other person is still frustrated or if they are also in the mood like you. It seems that neither partner wants to move first to make the eye contact or to talk. Actually, this situation is rather frustrating. However, the argument gets over, so why do feel so hard to be the one who move on first?

If you are also like many people out there who feel tired to live in awkward silence after an argument, then you may want to know how to avoid awkward tension after an argument. Here, we introduce to you useful tips to resolve and move on from arguments effectively and rapidly. Take a look from! This article has referred the information in Allwomenstalk!

How To Avoid Awkward Tension After An Argument – 7 Useful Tips

How to avoid awkward tension after an argument

1. Avoid Arguing Right In The First Place

This should be the first tip on how to avoid awkward tension after an argument. Most of us all agree that the majority of arguments are just rather silly and then after several days later, we usually struggle to remember what triggered us to act crazily like that. So, why don’t you avoid it right in the first place?

Do not let verbal aggression to be your initial instinct when the argument arises. It is always possible to discuss a problem without getting aggressive, and oftentimes, the problem is dealt much more rapidly as you are in a more rational state.

Thus, to avoid this bad case, you should take a deep breath and take control of your anger. Try to learn how to listen other people say without interrupting. Do not over-react, instead just reflect on their own opinions.

2. Cut Your Big Egos And Let Go

After an argument, two people develop inflated egos and none of them wants to bow down. Nevertheless, the best thing to do when it comes to learning how to avoid awkward tension after an argument is to let go of you big egos. Do not hold a grudge. Harboring grudges is just pointless. Thus, take the initiative to be the one who takes the first move and deal with the problem.

Keep in mind that neither holding a grudge nor arguing is worth your precious time. Choosing a positive mindset is a better option you can take. Even when something has upset or annoyed you, or if the argument has not been adequately dealt, let it go. Really, it is not as crucial or important as you think in that time. Forget and move on.

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3. Avoid Over-analyzing

After arguing, people usually feel the demand to justify their reactions and also examine the argument’s root. Despite getting to know the causes of the disagreement and removing misunderstanding is necessary at a certain level, on the other side, it will not let you move on and return to the normalcy.

Moreover, this may run the risk of reigniting the disagreement. Thus, be cautious. What you should do is to accept the arguments as well as misunderstanding occurring, and if you feel it is not necessary to be discussed more, then do not do it. The thing that should be your major priority is clearing all awkward silence and concentrating on returning to normalcy as soon as possible.

4. Show Physical Affection

Sometimes, words are enough of use, and we sit on the silence just because it. So, how to change the situation for the better? Remember, actions often speak louder than simple words. Therefore, you can show your partner your goodwill through gestures of affection.

Even when one of you still clench teeth, introduce some intimacy will immediately break the tension and let two of you heal after an argument. Think of that great physical intimacy which can let you show your love to your partner, and afterwards, things will become normal.

5. Apologize And Admit Your Mistakes

If after the argument, you realize that you are wrong, then do not hesitate to admit it. Oftentimes, we say things that we will regret later during the argument, and also, argument arises because we have entirely misunderstood the other person’s intensions or words. Furthermore, it is unusual that just one person is wrong. In reality, an argument is the result of misunderstandings and wrongs of both sides. [Read: how to give constructive criticism in a relationship]

Maybe, you spent most of your time on explaining to your partner the reasons why they are wrong, but it is not a good idea. Now, it is crucial to realize your wrongs and apologize. You might want to save your face and avoid running your ego, yet in order to know how to avoid awkward tension after an argument, just simply step up and apology.

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6. Embrace A Positive Topic To Break The Awkward Tension

Do not let awkward tensions after an argument continue longer than they should be. The longer it happens, the harder you can break the ice.

Now, the best thing you could do is taking a deep breath and pretending like there is nothing occurred. Just simply pick a topic to make a small positive talk. It might seem a little bit false and awkward to begin with for a few first minutes, yet things will be better than an awkward tension. That way, you will be amazed at how fast your conversation will become normal.

7. Change The Surrounding A Little Bit

In regard to tips on how to avoid awkward tension after an argument, this might be little known. It is easy to remain the mood and behaviors in the way as you were during the argument.

Additionally, no one wants to be the first one who makes the move. In such case, think of changing the scenery a bit. Maybe, you can go out for a dinner or go for a cup of tea. Changing environment, particularly to a more social environment like a restaurant or a coffee shop will instantly change the momentum between two of you.

Well, you have discovered 7 useful relationship tips on how to avoid awkward tension after an argument. But, the most important thing to keep in mind is to always remember the bad consequences of fighting. Also, remind yourself of how embarrassing or uncomfortable you feel after a fight so you will avoid it in the first place.