How to be a better listener in a relationship or at work – 8 tips

Being a good listener in the love is just as important as water and sunshine in your garden. You can completely learn it. To really get the love and devotion of your lover, you need to understand how to be a better listener. Take a look from!

How To Be A Better Listener – 8 Tips That Work

How to be a better listener
How to be a better listener

1. Be Attentive

If she has something to confess to you, stop all the work, look into her eyes; let her see that you’re really inside her. Do not glance at the clock to see if the match starts or not, or try to move other topics. Listening attentively is also an act of love and giving her all the attention when she need shows that you respect and appreciate her. [Read: how to manage anger in a relationship]

2. Listen To Learn

Acceptably, you may not understand or agree with everything she said, that’s totally normal. Although both of you close to what extent, you’re still completely two different people with your own thoughts on life. By listening with open heart, you will understand a lot more about what makes her think, about how she sees the world and her position there. It will allow you to become a more sympathetic person, and let her feel more accepted and respected. [Read: how to understand people better]

3. Maintain Harmony

It is considered as one of the hard tips for how to be a better listener, but brings a good result. Whether you care arguments and comments of their own, keep the conversation focused on her. Now, it is not the time to point out her obstinacy and offer criticism and condemnation. Let her feel that you have the space and time to express your thoughts. Surely, she will repeat so the next time, when you need to talk. [Read: how to express your anger in a healthy way]

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