How to be a better listener in a relationship or at work – 8 tips

4. Curb Your Temper

She wants to let you know what is making her upset, but it does not mean she ask you to deal with her problem immediately. More than anything, what she really needs is a sympathetic listener, when she speaks out her anger or expresses her embarrassment. A smart woman will be able to smoothly handle your problems one occasion when she can express her feelings and get the support of a reliable partner. [Read: how to stop lying]

5. Set A Good Example, Not Be An Armchair Critic

The objective of listening is to understand what she said, not to exploit all her vast knowledge to identify qualitative, quantitative or to deny her problem. If you can summarize or recount exactly what she would say in the way that she agrees, you will accomplish an outstanding work. She will feel that you have been understood, and you will also be pleased to know that you can give her the support and patience that she needed.

6. Set The Questions

This hint is very valuable, but also brings a minor mistake. A misplaced question may make the conversation stuck. Most of the cases we should not ask, “Why …?” because it seems like a rebuke or judge. You should ask your partner: “How are you feeling”? “Is it very meaningful to you right?” “Now how are you going?”. Those are examples to encourage people to face more expression without judging or criticizing them.

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