How to be a better listener in a relationship or at work – 8 tips

7. Response Honestly

That way is to confirm the implications inside the speaker wanting to express. When someone expresses something, what people say really want to tell us is their attitude as well as their emotions. Let them know that you are attentive and understand them by saying things like, “Surely are you … (angry, sad, happy, …)?” These are just a few ways to clarify the speaker’s feelings or express different emotions in conversation. It is also open-ended questions to encourage the speaker to express their opinions and personal feelings. [Read: how to give constructive criticism]

8. Keep Silent

Silence makes many people feel uncomfortable. They think it shows contemplation or misery. We often fear the moments of silence and often try to say something. A sincere listeners act differently. They will also be comfortable in silence, because they know that it contains a lot of things to ponder. Occasionally, waiting a few minutes will make people say deeper. Sometimes, we have to keep silent, so your lover overcomes her emotions.

Learning how to be a better listener is not hard, right? However, a sincere listener is the person who knows how to listen to other people when they need to share. These tips will help us love and understand each other better.

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