14 crucial rules on how to be a good partner in a relationship

9. Start The Day With A Kiss

Physical intimate, in general, and kisses, in particular are important in relationships, particularly in long term relationships. Couples who love each other for such a long time often take the other person for granted and forget the real role of their partner in their lives. Thus, you need to remind yourself about that. Keeping intimacy will stop you from feeling bored or wondering if the relationship has run out of its course. [Read: how to kiss passionately]

10. Bring The Romance To The Table

Do something to bring the feeling of romance to your relationship if you feel you need to do so. Do so and your partner will also in return. This is one of the most overlooked tips on how to be a good partner. Remember that you should not just wait around to receive the romantic gestures from your partner because that just make you frustrated if your partner do not do so. [Read: how to keep a relationship fresh and alive]

11. Sometimes, Walk Away

It is almost impossible for you to keep your relationship always romantic without any argument or cold moments. And, sometimes, in your relationship, the only thing that should be done is to walk away. However, it does not mean that it has to be permanent. When neither of you have nothing good to say, then walk away is the best. Do not solve your problem by screaming at each other.

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