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I believe that every girl has been growing up with the dream of a handsome prince who will come to her side one day. Actually, that dream never stops. When they are adults they always want to find some guy who has something in same with her dream guy. Why don’t you following this article of tips on how to be chivalrous to a girl, so you will be more ideal in her eyes? I can assure that you will not be disappointed when you bring these tips into your life. Read on this series from!

How To Be Chivalrous – 9 Tips To Act Like A Gentleman

1. Open And Hold The Door For Her

It is respectful for a man to open a door and hold it for his woman. You and her walking together in the street and suddenly, she wants to go to a clothes store. Don’t stop her, instead, you can lead her to that store and then open the door for her, don’t forget to hold the door until she totally walk inside. When she finishes her shopping, open and hold the door for her to get out. Every girl will be melted with this action. It is also the easiest one among the series tips on how to be chivalrous. [Read: how to get a girl to notice you]

2. Put On Her Your Jacket

All girls want to be beautiful when she beside you, so skirts always be the first choice for dating’s. It’s ok when she wears skirts in day but in the evening, when the weather becomes a little bit cool, you can give her your jacket. Your action will make her touching. Remember to bring with you a light jacket when you hang out with her. [Read: romantic gestures for her]

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