How to be flirty with a guy you like without overdoing it: 11 tips

Flirting is fun and rewarding. However, if done wrong, it can easily backfire on you, leaving you much of embarrassment. The key to flirting is to not appear like you are flirting. Act subtly and naturally once you want the right man to notice you. It means that you need to avoid being tacky or desperate. Here, we from introduce to you 11 tried-and-true tips on how to be flirty with a guy you like without overdoing it. Check them out!

How To Be Flirty Without Overdoing It While Still Maintaining Class

How to be flirty

1. Use Soft Touches

One of the most effective tactics on how to be flirty with a guy you like is using soft touches. When your crush sits next to you, just touch his leg, arm and shoulder. You could naturally brush the back of his hair or pick imaginary from his own shirt. They are ways you can follow to touch him softly without overdoing it.

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2. Compliment

Compliments with a man go a long way. Complimenting your crush on the way his shirt fit or the way his hair looks. This will stroke his ego and make him feel special and loved.

However, remember just use compliments sparingly but genuinely. Many women try to get the attention of a man by showering him with compliments, yet it is not always good. You should observe something unique about your crush and compliment him on it genuinely. If you do well, he will appreciate you.

3. Leave A Little To The Imagination

For those women who want to be noticed by men without looking immature or tacky, then you need to learn how to dress sexy but still gently.

You can show off one part of your own body – which part you think the best – and leave the others to the imagination of the man. In reality, you do not have to show off what you have continually. Stick with classy clothes which hug your body in the right places.

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