How to be friends with an ex – 6 key tips are exposed

Overcoming a break up is not easy at all. However, if someone gets over that pain, sometimes, the next thing they think about is to know how to be friends with an ex again. Well, the truth is, it is understandable because somewhere deep inside your soul, you want to fill the space again with whatever you could salvage out of such a dead relationship. In fact, trying to be friends with the ex is sometime insulting and annoying. At times, it even comes with undesirable consequences.

After asking yourself if you really want to be friends with the guy or gal who is your ex no matter what happened. And, if you really want to be friends with your ex, then the tips introduced by below will help you figure out how to be friends with an ex.

How To Be Friends With An Ex – 6 Practical Tips

How to be friends with an ex
How to be friends with an ex

#1. Take A Break

when it comes to know how to be friends with an ex, depending on how deep your love was, and what contexts under which you broke up were, as long as it was mutual, the two of you always have a chance to become friends after a break up. However, if you dumped the ex for someone else, the chance is your ex might not forgive you easily and not be ready to become friends with you. Regardless of your case, let the dust settle after your break up. Stay out the ex’s life during this time. Do not try to contact with him or her and fill the empties with other activities. Avoid disrespecting your ex or bitch about them if you want to stay as friends.

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#2. Reconnect Via A Social Network

In the first few weeks and months after a break up, it could be hard for the two of you to get along with each other. If you feel like as if you have just lost a special soul mate who is much important beyond sex, maybe the best manner to reconnect with the ex is via a social network like Facebook or Twitter.

However, knowing how to be friends with an ex also means knowing how to maintain a moderate relationship with each other. Do not post any public message on the wall of your ex. You can send a friend request and a personal message which explains that the two of you have just ended the relationship, yet you still appreciate the ex as your special friend. Moreover, you need to emphasize that you will not reignite those old love memories, yet just intend to start the relationship between true friends.

Send pleasant messages. Using social networks is considered as an easiest way to reconnect with the ex subtly without twisting his or her arm to make a decision. It is not necessary for you to meet or call the ex over the phone. Be familiar with the fact that you are just friends.

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#3. Be In A Relationship With Someone Else

This is not an essential step, yet it could help you avoid running back into the arms of the other person. And, by that way, you also remember that all the sexual and love parts of your mind are invaded by a infatuation that you have for someone else.

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