How to be friends with an ex – 6 key tips are exposed

#4. Introduce The Ex To Your New Lover

Do you want to know how to be friends with an ex? Then you should introduce your new lover with the ex. Both of you need to be comfortable with each other as well as the dating life coming with it.

And, this also prevent your new lover from misunderstanding that you are trying to take your ex back because the new lover might be uncomfortable to know that you are reconnecting with the ex. By introducing the new to the old lover, you make the new feel secure and concurrently, let the ex know that you are entirely off limits.

#5. Avoid Temptations

Having a relationship with an ex brings somehow of temptations. If you become a friend with your ex, then the chances are if there is any bad problems happening in your current relationship, then you might feel like jumping into the arms of your ex for some loving and comforting. Avoid all temptations of having an affair with the ex or other forms of temptations if you want to know how to be friends with an ex.

On the other hand, you need to set boundaries as well. Being friends with the ex does not mean both of you will have to do everything together — because you are broken up. Try to set the new physical, sexual, and emotional boundaries that means changing the relationship to entirely a platonic one.

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#6. Avoid Talking About Memories

That past relationship might be special, yet you want to build a new relationship with the ex as friends now, then you need to avoid talking about old memories no matter how great, wonderful they were. Talking about the old memories will never help either of you to become real friends in the eyes of each other.

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