How to be less shy around guys – 9 simple tips for girls

If you are struggling to talk to your crush, have no fear, as there are tips on how to be less shy around guys. They might seem intimidating, yet they are really not that hard to talk to. After having several conversations with the opposite sex, you should realize that they are nothing to be anxious about. Just read through this article to discover effective ways on how to be less shy around guys. Take a look from!

How To Be Less Shy Around Guys – 9 Fantastic Tips

How to be less shy around guys

1. Men Are Human, Too

Males are not all that different from females. It means that, we are all human, so there will be not too many differences among us. Pick a topic which you talk to your female friends about, and then try talking your date about it. In fact, one of the easiest tips on how to be less shy around guys is to keep in mind that they are like everyone else – maybe except a little cuter. [Read: how men fall in love with women]

2. Practice Makes Perfect

Do you have a gaggle of male friends you do not have any romantic interest in? Offer homework/food chore/ help duty and hold practice sessions before going to your crush on for ages. Keep in mind that: those first meetings are just perfect in the movies if you have not gone through several practice runs. Hence, to know how to be less shy around guys, remember: practice makes perfect!

Simply put, the more you talk to men, the easier it will be. It is not necessary for you to flirt with them instantly. You should acknowledge something about how to feel comfortable having a regular conversation with them, and then you could begin throwing the compliments out. Do not have too high expectations during each conversation as you will not land a date after just talking about the weather. [Read: ways to flirt with a guy]

3. Look Your Best To Feel Good

If you look good, you will feel good. That means you should keep a close eye on the personal hygiene, take on an outfit you feel comfortable as well as gorgeous in, and also slather on a your favorite lip gloss. However, you should not dress just to impress him. What you need to do is to dress well so that you can feel good about yourself. If you feel confident, you will not have a problem walking right up to the man you like and starting a conversation. Confidence is the key when approaching the man you like. Even when the talk goes badly, he will at least know how gorgeous you are. [Read: how to be approachable to guys]

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