How to be more attractive to men – 8 scientifically proven tips

Are you wondering how to be more attractive to men? Finally, scientific studies have released some proven tips for women to be more attractive to the other half of the world.

In the majority of cases, a woman wishes to look sexy and attractive to all men in the hope that she will be able to find the man who will love and cherish her. You might be thinking that you are not beautiful enough. If that is the case, then it will surprise you to read this article. Fact is, being attractive to men is more than just having a great body or a nice face. Apparently, males look for more than just the appearance. Use some tips on how to be more attractive to men, from inside out – made by!

How to be more attractive to men

1.  Stay In Shape

To me, this should be the first and foremost tip on how to be more attractive to men. Though the inner beauty is more important than the outer one, but in my opinion, it is just true when the relation has developed in to a long term one when two people are well getting to know each other. In reality, men are visual creatures and if a woman is in her good shape, he will find her more attractive to start making acquaintance and then have conversations. Thus, it is suggested to do exercise regularly and plan a healthy diet. Yet, you do not need to starve yourself.

2. Put On A Red Dress

Spend a more appreciated position for that red dress in your closet – you will want to wear it your next night out after reading this tip on how to be more attractive to men. According to a study, men rated women wearing red outfits more sexually attractive than the ones who were not in red. However, remember that the crimson hue seem not to work miracles. Men are not affected by the color in regard to rating your intelligence and personality. [Read: how to seduce a man in seconds]

3. Stick To A Red Lipstick

If you do not have a red dress to wear, then you can think of dressing up your lip with a slick of fiery gloss. That way, you will be more likely to catch to men’s eyes. Red keeps men mesmerized for an average of 7.3 seconds whilst a pink pucker grabs them for just 6.7, according to a study. The reason behind this study is that red lips mimic the widening of blood vessels that happens with sexual arousal. So, want to look sexy but elegant? Take advantage of that red lipstick.

4. Smile More

If you think having stone-faced runway models will make men find you more attractive, then you are wrong. In fact, smiling can make you more attractive as it helps to stimulate the brain part associated with the sensory rewards. To put in simple words, you should smile more in order to look and be more approachable to guys. After all, your smile is your best accessory.

5. Use Laughter

Rather similar to the tip on how to be more attractive to men above, laughter really is reckoned as the best medicine for everything, including the love life. It is said that men are strongly attracted to those women who laugh at their jokes. Hence, the next time he tells you a joke, you should reward him with your laughter.

6. Be Submissive But Intelligent

It is shown that one of the common mistakes women make with men is trying to be independent too aggressively. What you should be and do is to be more than just feminine (from outside) – be submissive. Yet, be aware that does not mean you should be a door mat or that you have no voice in the relationship. This kind of tip overlaps with being feminine. You should not think it in the negative side, being submissive is a good thing.

Nonetheless, you should also keep your intelligence on. No man wants a woman that could not flex her mental muscles. In conversations in a relationship, both partners are equally involved. That is a good thing. It is not that you have to know about everything. It is that you want to learn and find learning rewarding. That is attractive to men. [Read: What Men Secretly Want ebook –  a comprehensive guide about men’s desires in a relationship]

7. Be Child-Free

This might be a not-so-secret tip. In reality, men do not want to have an instantly family, nor do they want the ultimate form of cuckoldry that is raising a child of another man.

8. Be Willing To Cook And Be A Mother Material

After all, most men date women in order to find their lifetime partner. Some men state that the quality of being willing to cook and being a mother material is more important to them as they want to be fathers someday. As a woman, you say it by the way you interact with children. You make it clear that you are looking forward to having kids of your own. You actually say the words “I want to be a mother.” A man could not have a family without a wife who shares the same want or desire, so he will find this as an attractive trait.

Maybe, there is a diversity of ways on how to be more attractive to men, yet 8 tips above are the scientifically proven ones. After all, a man will find a woman more attractive by how he feels about himself when being with that woman. So, when you help him feel good about himself, he could not help but be attracted to you. Consider what men look for in women, then pick the ones that you could improve and work on them.