How to be more than friends with a guy or girl: 10 practical ways

Do you fall in love with a crush? Saying the vulgar wordsmakes worse than not being silent at all! Here are the follow-up tips of how to be more than friends.

Beside the loyalty and faith, the creativity is also claimed as a sweet spice in a loving relationship. In particular, you want to get emotion of someone if your crush reckons you as a friend or colleague. It is not difficult to chase into anyone you like. The below-mentioned hints will give you a helping hand in discovering ways on how to be more than friends with a guy or girl. Take a look from!

How To Be More Than Friends – 10 Ways To Make It Work

How to be more than friends
How to be more than friends

1. Handwritten Letter Is The Answer

This manner teaching you how to be more than friends have existed for a long time. Even your father also flirted with your mother by this way. Love letters by handwriting have tendency to be on the verge of extinction in technology-related time. It is relatively uncommon to receive one, probably because it takes a long time to compose handwritten letters. In fact, it is necessary to do this. You can getcut sheets of letter paper or lovely cardsin any bookstore and commence writing what you think.

Express your feelings. Write your emotions the first day you dated her. Besides, you can express some humorous languageor go utterly romantic. Don’t be lazy. To let your counterpart understand what you feel, care for your words little by little.

Once finishing, you can now send it by post. You should not deliver it directly, since your friend will read it in front of you. Also, sending it by post is more surprising than directly. [Read: how to seduce a man in seconds]

2. Romantic Movies Can Assist You In Conveying Message

Search in the Internet a loving movie at weekend. Now, opt for your movies carefully. Ensure that the messages of these movies are suitable for your theme.

After watching movies, you can ask your friend some opening questions, what they think about the movies: content, character. And then, you can reveal your emotion. [Read: how to know if a guy likes you]

3. Music Can Give You A Helping Hand In Dismantling The Ashamed Barrier

Do you know that what you say or write sometimes can’t express all-out your thoughts? On the contrary, music can help you. Invite your crush to go to a karaoke bar with you. Choose several songs that convey your feelings and after that, tell your friend that you wish they listen to the lyrics when you say goodbye to him or her as all of them is what you want to harbor in your heart. [Read: how to date a friend]

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