How to be more than friends with a guy or girl: 10 practical ways

4. Sending A Load Of Love

It is considered as one of the simplest methods about how to be more than friends with a guy or girl. Always care for your crush everywhere. A care package with all stuffs which your friend needs, like first-aid things, safety pins, pieces of gum, bars of chocolate, tissue amongst many others. A small action can make your one-side lovers moving. [Read: how to find love]

5. Surprising Things Play A Vital Role In Flirting Someone

An unexpected hang-out to your crush’s place is always a marvelous initiative. Your crush will feel surprised. Go to your crush’s place and invite them be out for lunch, give a gift, or even a bouquet of flowers. Say some words you think and your one-side lover will realize your feeling. [Read: stages of a relationship]

6. Signs, Signs, Signs

Say nothing and effort to get his/her emotions through your actions is better than creating that moment so as to tell him/her what you think. There are a lot of signals that can do it for you.

An idea is to invite your crush to go to their favorite café. You could ask the waiter to put a piece of paper inside a menu before send it to your friend, or if the shop has a board, you can write down your message. [Read: how to make someone smile]

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