How to be more than friends with a guy or girl: 10 practical ways

7. Use Food

In a large plate, fill it out completely with a whipped cream, and then use chocolate syrup which hardens instantly, write your love message on the tray. [Read: how to show your love]

8. A Spa Day

Simply invite your crush to spend a relaxing day at your favorite spa, and then before the two of you leave, you ask one of the staffs there to tell the love message to your crush. It is good if you could be creative. You could have them relay the message for you or you could make them say an opening, making it easier for you to say you do not want to be just normal friends anymore. [Read: how to get a guy who has a girlfriend]

9. Surprise

Have you ever thought of an unplanned visit to your friend’s workplace or school? This is a great idea when it comes to learning how to be more than friends. That surprise will make your friend feel definitely special. You could surprise your crush with a gift or lunch. Add a small script card for expressing what and how you really feel.[Read: how to ask a guy out]

10. Dare To Say. Dare To Do

At the end of it all, you want to utter all you think. You should say without skillfulness, and arrangement. Speak it out when shopping with your crush watching TV show or driving home. That is cut confession of love and instructs you how to be more than friends. Your crush needs time to think twice. Don’t desire to get an agreed answer from them immediately though. [Read: flirting tips for girls]

No girl will refuse your faith. Try to mix all of 10 above-mentioned tips on how to be more than friends with a guy or girl and wait the optimal results.

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