How to beat procrastination in fitness – 8 habit stacking tips

Most of us can admit that there are some certain things that we often “put off” doing in this life. In simple words, it is our procrastination. Whether you are a regular gym user, or you are a newbie in working out, we all have some days that we do not want to be bothered.

Hence, in order to know how to beat procrastination in fitness, you need to apply some unique, special tips introduced here, by Check out below to start plan to achieve your wellness goals more easily!

How To Beat Procrastination In Fitness – Beat Workout Procrastination

1. Take Control Of Your Emotional Baggage

There are a huge number of people having limiting beliefs and they even not realize that these beliefs are keeping them from gaining their health as well as fitness goals. That is because the human brain often does not process negatives. Hence, you should avoid nurturing those statements, such as “I am lazy,” “I am fat” which are keeping your own emotional baggage stuck. What you need to do now is to unpack what is currently keeping you stuck and promoting your fitness goals by enhancing your own language – literally. That means you should re-frame your source of language to those positive statements like “I am eating right,” or “I am strong.” [Read: easy exercises to lose weight]

2. Seize Your Day

When it comes to tips on how to beat procrastination in fitness, many people make a common mistake. They often put off the workouts and exercises till later in the day when their energy has drastically dropped and they are really tired after a long hard working day. As a result, they will be more likely to find excuses not to follow the schedule.

So, to resolve this problem, you should try visualizing yourself as fit and healthy right upon the alarm turns off. In the morning, a lot of people hear the alarm and instantly think that how pleasured and comfortable their own bed is before continuing hitting such a snooze bar. Of course, this action will usually result in missed exercises. Do you often meet this situation? That case, having a photo in your mind about how amazing, great you look on the beach or in the gym will help you find the feelings to get out of your lovely bed.
You put your favorite inspirational photo on the bedroom nightstand, then upon the alarm clocks goes off, you can take a look at that photo and have a motivation to wake up. In case there is no inspirational photo of yourself, a certain magazine image will empower you. Both internal and external photos which can empower you will also work. [Read: how to tighten skin after weight loss]

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