How to build intimacy in a relationship and protect it: 15 ways

How to build intimacy in a relationship? Many people said that it took years for them to realize a relationship is not a romance movie. At some point in our lives, we might believe that love should be like the type of romance we see portrayed in televisions, films, and novels. And, at some point of your life, you might have been lucky enough to fall into an easy intimacy with a partner. It could seem like a perfect relationship, full of shared secrets, effortless conversations, and a sense of certainty that you will finally be together, either romantically or platonically, for the long term. However, relationships that are healthy are always growing and shifting – and thus, by their nature, are always really rather uncomfortable. Not every relationship starts out with that deep connection and not all intimate relationships could manage to keep that closeness going when time goes. Fact is, relationship takes work and there are things you could do improve intimacy when your relationship grows. Building intimacy is among the core foundations of a long lasting successful relationship.  If you are looking for ways on how to build intimacy in a relationship, consider 15 following tips, from!

How To Build Intimacy In A Relationship – Create True Intimacy, Find Pure Love And Be Happy

How to build intimacy

1. Be Honest

This is the first and foremost tip on how to build intimacy in a relationship. Be honest with each other. A relationship built on half truths and lies is not a good one. Sure, just a little white lie will never hurt anyone, yet it is always the best to be honest with your significant other because it is among important factors of how to have a long term relationship.

Just simply sit your lover down and be honest about what you want from that relationship. Tell him/her about how you feel genuinely and be authentic with your reaction.

2. Have Fun

This is considered the most effective tip on how to build intimacy. Forging a great and strong bond of intimacy with your partner takes effort and time. Couples that share comfortable and leisure activities can enjoy more love and less disagreement in compared with those who do not. By engaging in those mutually enjoyable activities, you will be able to feel more connected to your lover, thereby building a more intimate relationship.

Whether you are going to plan a romantic rooftop picnic for two or head for laser tag with some friends, taking time for each other will keep respark the romance no matter it is a new or long term relationship.

3. Love Notes

Proving your love is the simplest way on how to build intimacy in your relationship. Penning a love letter or leaving note loves – this romantic way will help you seal your message’s fate as one that is meaningful and real.

You could leave those little notes in the suitcase of your partner when he/she leaves for a trip. That way, you will be surprised at how much your little gesture will mean to him/her. Also, it will remind your lover that they always have someone waiting for them at home. A sweet email as well as text message with encouraging and love words is also a good idea for you to when it comes learning how to show your love in subtle ways.

4. Farting

This sounds crazy and weird, right? Well, but it works – really. We are human beings, both you and your partner. Farting is natural and should not be something that both of you keep from each other. Did you know that there are still couples who, though being together for many years and even have children together, still do not dare to fart anywhere near their partner? What could be closer and more intimate than raising a happy family together? Farting is.

Of course, it can be hard for those with new relationships, yet once people have secured something long term with someone, it will not make sense to hide this nature of human being from each other. [Read: 16 hot ways to tease your man]

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