Top 3 practical strategies on how to build trust in a relationship

Trust, is a word that is delicate but magical in relationships. Building trust in a relationship could be hard. If you know how to trust your partner, you will have a best friend, a lover, and also a confidant.

In fact, trust could do many magic things in a relationship, yet the most appreciated thing it could do is to bring the two separate people closer, avoid hurt and pain, and make them fall love each other more day after day.

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So, you might wonder how to build trust in a relationship?

How to build trust
How to build trust

Not mention to some common advice on how to build trust like honoring promises, avoid belittling the promise, telling the truth, displaying loyalty, being competent, being objective, there are some specific strategies to build trust in a relationship, especially the romantic one.  This entry focuses on giving you the ideas of factors impacting trust building process, and top 3 most practical strategies on how to build trust.

Fact is, the majority of people are afraid of revealing their real inner sides when it comes to love. So, why are you hesitated of sharing your feelings with your lover? Maybe because some of your thoughts are immoral, too stupid, too dirty, or perhaps, you are afraid of your them to judge you negatively or get hurt in terms of emotional.

To put in simple words, you do not trust your partner as well as your current relationship enough to share your in-depth secrets because you do not love your lover enough share your thoughts with him/her. [Read more: how to get a man to commit to a relationship]

In addition, you do not tell your deep thoughts to your partner because you are afraid of being negatively judged by him/her. Most people strongly guarded in a relationship, particularly in regard to taboo matters in a relationship. You might want to appear your best side in front of your lover, especially regarding to fidelity. However, keep in mind that your partner might also have the same taboo thoughts now and then. Actually, it is all natural because we are human beings and we want to get the admiration from other people. [Read: how to be a good partner in a relationship]

When years go over, those little thoughts become more suppressed. As a result, you might distance your mind and even your body from your significant other, so does he/she. You will live more in your own world or want to take time to do something else. [Read: how to build intimacy in a relationship]

Is Regaining The Trust After Cheating Possible?

Sometimes, whether we want it or not, we might still cheat on our partner. In such cases, taking back the lost trust in the relationship takes lots of time, effort as well as patience. However, as long as you two communicate with each other about what you are thinking positively and be honest and frank, your relationship will grow stronger over time. The same goes for the trust in your relationship.

Now, we turn back to the main question: “How to build trust in a relationship?

If you are serious about learning how to build trust in a relationship, the rule of thumb is to being frank with your lover. Use 3 basic tips on how to build trust in a relationship here and it will help you create a happy relationship.

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1. Be Dependable

Regarding learning how to build trust in a relationship, being dependable might be the biggest factor. For example, if your significant other have you to do something simple, will you do it or ignore it? No matter how little or big it is, the thing I want to mention here is being dependable. If you could be dependable, your relationship will be different, becoming a happy relationship. Just by being dependable, your partner will trust you in when he/she needs. So, do you. [Read: stages of a relationship]

2. Talk About The Future

The most practical tip on how to build trust is to talk about the future, about the long haul. It shows you want to have a serious relationship with your lover. Talk about plans in the long term, be it about buying a house, having children, having a dog, or how you two will be 10 years from now. If you talk about the future, you are affirming your lover that you really want to be with them even when the years pass by. [Read: how to have a long term relationship]

3. Talk About You Loved Ones

In regarding to tips on how to build trust in a relationship, this might be the lesser-known, even awkward or weird. Yet, it is among big factors in learning how to build trust. It is shown that one of the most common insecurities in the relationship is the fear of your partner turning into the arms of someone else, both clearly and secretly. However, acknowledging that each of you can and will find somebody else attractive and mentions about it, you do not make it taboo anymore. That means you are open and truthful about it. Hence, you could build trust in your relationship and also improve communication.

Now, it seems that learning how to build trust in a relationship is not difficult if you know how to communicate, how to be frank and how to understand your partner.

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