How to cheat on your boyfriend successfully without getting caught

Committed relationships are satisfying for a lot of people. For those people who need more excitement than their boring long-term relationship offers, then cheating will likely happen because it will open up a new world of adventure and passion. However, going into that case means balancing both an official boyfriend and a side guy without getting caught.

Each person has their own opinion when it comes to cheating. Some think that cheating is acceptable while other do not. There are a lot of spots to look for opinions and information on cheating. This is article is written for those girls who have already started an affair or wanted to cheat on their boyfriend. Even when you are willing to go for an affair, learning to cheat on your boyfriend successfully without getting caught could be scary and confusing.

Fortunately, you are not the first person who tries out cheating on your boyfriend because there are a lot of reasons why other girls have cheated in the past. Also, there are tactics to get away with it. Take a look below to see 15 tactics to cheat on your boyfriend successfully without getting caught – collected by!

How cheat on your boyfriend

I. How To Cheat On Your Boyfriend – 5 Tips To Be Discreet With Social Media And Electronics

1. Avoid Overly Protecting Your Phone

Your phone might be a source of evidence. If you are cheating on your boyfriend, you will tend to keep your mobile device from him by your all. Nonetheless, acting shady about your phone and other electronic devices might be the one that reveal more about your affair.

If you have been the one who lets your boyfriend use it or leaves your phone laying about, you will need to keep that habit to avoid any suspicion.

As you could not afford to be overly protective of your device, you should learn some strategies to deal with the social media and electronics.

2. Make Use Of A Private Messaging App

Erotic, love-dovey text message are what reveal that you are having an affair. Rather than using the standard system of texting, you should use a private messaging application to keep your text messages confined. Down an app, keep secret contacts and make hidden phone calls. Make this type of app a way you contact your side man.

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3. Delete

One of the most crucial things to do upon learning how to cheat on your guy is deleting all digital evidences, be it text messages, call logs, or browser histories. They could tattle on you when you forget clearing them. Nonetheless, do not give yourself an absolute clean slate because no one has an empty browser or call history. If you wipe out everything, you will look much guiltier. Just do delete those incriminating ones.

4. Avoid Taking Selfie

When it comes to tips on how to cheat on your boyfriend successfully without getting caught, taking that selfie is a definite no-no. The memories are enough. There are a lot of things making a guy wonder if you are having an affair, yet there are some pieces of evidence which are as concrete as a photo. Thus, you had better remove the cameras during the time being together with your side man. Even when you do not take a photo having the two of you inside, a picture of the favorite restaurant or a landscape picture while you were thought to working late can raise doubts from your boyfriend.

5. Choose The Proper Call Times

If you have a phone call but then you let it go to the voicemail, you will look shady because it may leave your ringer off all day long. In order to not let your boyfriend know you are having an affair, you should set up some rules for the time of phone calls with the side man. Make sure that he acknowledges the safe times of calling and you should not look too guilty when your mobile device rings.

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II. How To Cheat On Your Boyfriend – 5 Tips To Act Around Him

1. Do Not Stop Having Physical Intimacy With Your Boyfriend

Many women avoid having physical intercourse with their current boyfriend whilst they are having an affair with someone else. However, once you definitely curtail that intimacy, then your boyfriend will realize you have your desire be satisfied by someone else. You may simply say no or use an excuse occasionally, but sooner or later, he will become suspicious and concerned. In order to keep your boyfriend from discovering your cheating, keep your intercourse as usual.

2. Do Not Change Your Routine

Another strategy on how to cheat on your boyfriend successfully is to stick to your daily routine. If there are big changes in your daily routine, it will be a tell-tale sign of cheating. He will notice if you suddenly begin rushing out the door one hour earlier in the morning, or scheduling much solo time in the week or coming home late too frequently. You may be looking for the chances to meet your side man, yet keep your own schedule unchanged as much as possible.

Also, do not make drastic changes to your habits and appearance as well. If you start dressing sexier than normal, your current boyfriend will wonder who you are trying to impress.

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3. Prepare Reasons For Your Absence

If you are sticking closely to your daily schedule, there will be times you have to explain for your absence. Thus, you need to prepare the reasons for your absence beforehand. Use the alibis involving activities that you often take part in, like your girl’s night or your weekly cooking class.

Not mention to reasons you have to prepare for the time you spend with your lover, it is necessary to cover for other things. Pay attention to your smeared lipstick, lost earrings, or something belonged to him in your car. If possible, find someone trusted to help you validate the story in a practical situation.

4. Acknowledge What You Lied

It is very important to keep up with your lies in your plan of learning how to cheat on your boyfriend successfully. Cheating one someone will include lots of half-truths, fibs as well as outright lies. Keep up with your stories so you do not get caught changing them. Include a little bit of truth in the lie to make it more easy-to-remember and believable. Try to keep those stories simple. Do not give many details so you will remember more easily.

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5. Avoid Being Defensive

When you try to figure out how to cheat on your boyfriend without getting caught, you might find yourself feeling testy. The feeling of guilty can sometimes result in acting so. Therefore, you had better not act too defensively because when you look too careful to cover your affair; your boyfriend will probably suspect and ask questions about your changes as a part of conversations.

Nonetheless, if your current man accuses you of cheating on him, you could make a certain joke out of it or laugh it off. When you get defensive, or justify your behaviors with more lies, you just end up with looking guiltier.

III. How To Cheat On Your Boyfriend – 5 Tips To Behave Around Your Side Man

1. Be Careful With Your Appearance

Remember, before coming home, you should check off and freshen your appearance carefully. Apart from tossing your clothes back on, you should also pay attention to your smeared lipstick, mussed hair, messy makeup and wrinkled outfits, which may make your current raise their eyebrows. If you want to not be caught, you should pay attention to details. Make sure you wash the scent of your side man off you, particularly if you have just been intimate. Also, tidy up your own appearance.

2. Prevent STDs By Using Protective Supports

Safe physical intercourse is more important when you want to cheat on your boyfriend without getting caught. Even when you use some methods of birth control, c*ndoms should be a part of your in-bed routine with your side man. However, avoid letting that protection be the evidence that gives you away. Do not leave them anywhere, like your car, purse, pockets, makeup bags that your current boyfriend can stumble across them.

3. Be Careful Of The Evidence On Your Body

During the process of making love, it could be hard to pull back your reins. However, the marks left on your body can be evidence of your affair. Avoid love bits, bruises or scratches from the side man. Have self-control to prevent them from happening.

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4. Avoid Blabbing

Cheating is a huge secret which you need to keep for yourself only. You will be tempted to confide in your trusted friend, yet this should not be your case. Once the secret is not yours only, chances are, it will get back to the ears of your boyfriend. In addition, having a secret could be hotter and make your cheating more excitement, so keep it for yourself.

5. Know When To Stop

Maybe, you just want your affair to last temporarily, not for good. So, be lucid about the time to end your relationship. Assume that you are just cheating for fun, but if either or your side man develops the real feelings, then there will be a broken heart at the end of your story. If you want to look for something new, think of a one night stand as it may be a safer option.

As soon as your boyfriend get suspicious, break it off. If your plan of cheating on your boyfriend start falling apart, then it is time to let go. Another sign that it is time to stop your affair is when your side man dismisses the rules in your relationship.

If he starts calling at improper times, or telling people about the relationship with you, or showing up without invitation, then it is time to call a quit.

Well, despite cheating on your boyfriend can come with adventure and passion, it also causes lots of angst and uncertainty. Finally, the stress of trying to learn how to cheat on your boyfriend successfully might impact all parts of your life. Cheating is not for everybody. If you cannot manage stressful situations, or feel uncomfortable with lying, then cheating your boyfriend is not for you.