How to cheer up your girlfriend after a bad day or a fight – 12 tips

What would you do when your girlfriend is down, guys? Some men may think that ignoring it is the best, whilst others might be great at putting their foot in it and even making things worst. What works to make a person feel better may not work at all with others.

No relationship runs smoothly every day. You do not want to become your girlfriend’s therapist, but you also want to get some of the energy back into your relationship. Learning how to cheer up your girlfriend is not easy at all, to be honest. However, you could always run through a checklist of ways that might put a smile back on your girlfriend’s face. Fortunately, the following entry made by WikiYeah gives you some tips on how to cheer up your girlfriend when she’s down or after a bad day. Some of the information in this article is referred from Psychologytoday and WikiHow.

Hope that by learning the tips and tricks here, you can turn your girl from a sulk machine into a cheerful charmer.

How To Cheer Up Your Girlfriend – 12 Tips For Guys

How to cheer up your girlfriend

1. Listen To Her

When it comes to tips on how to cheer up your girlfriend when she’s down, listening to her is the best. Maybe, you think it sounds too simple, but in fact, many guys say that it is not easy to master the listening skill. But, take it easy. You just need to be quiet and listen to what she has to say. She may just want to talk about things which are bothering her. Sometimes, you may try to offer some ways to fix things – but don’t do that. That just makes things worse.

2. Hug Her

The next idea about how to cheer up your girlfriend is to hug her. A strong, good hug could make your girl feel loved and warm. Actually, it is shown that a hug could improve someone’s mood. Therefore, why don’t you give it a try?

3. Walk With Her

Sometimes, what you need to do to cheer up your girlfriend is just a simple walk. Well, physical exercise is always a good way to relieve stress and take your own mind off mess. Therefore, sharing a walk with her, even just around the neighborhood and holding her hand whilst walking will help her much with her bad mood.

4. Give Her A Small Surprise

Small surprises might not seem like significant. Yet, they could go a long way in regard to making her feel happier. A surprise can show your love for her and that you are thinking about her during the day. This will boost her self-esteem and also lift her mood up.
Some suggestions about surprises for her could be roses, chocolate bars, or a cute little trinket. Anything which you could think she will love may work.

5. Massage Her

Well, in regard to ways on how to cheer up your girlfriend, giving her a massage perhaps is the most relaxing. Probably, the reason why your girl is so moody is because she is stressed out. So, in such case, a long, giving a great massage might help relieve stress for her. Scientists showed that massages offer great relaxation. With massaging, you not only lift her mood but also create a bond for your relationship.

6. Plan A Special Date

The idea of taking her to a fancy restaurant could help make her feel cared for and special in your eyes. Perhaps all she needs is a dining. Some great drink and food might improve her mood. The majority of women love getting dressed and go out just because simply a reasons for looking great could be enough to lift her spirits.

7. Cuddle With Her

Most girls love cuddling, especially when they are sad or feeling down about something. So, don’t hesitate to give her some cuddling like hugs. They are a great treatment for tons of stuff like stress, negative emotions, and even tiredness. By giving a long cuddle session, her spring will come back soon.

8. Do Something That You Wouldn’t Normally With Her

What’s the thing that your girlfriend always asks you to do with he but you did not? It can be shopping or hiking through the woods although you are a homebody.
Well, no one loves going out of their way, but if you are serious about learning how to cheer up your girlfriend, then you should do that. By going out of your way to accompany her to a certain activity that she likes, then you are showing her that you care about spending your precious time with her rather than staying in your comfort zone. It will definitely bring her smile out. This is also one of romantic gestures for her you could do.

9. Make Her Laugh

One of the best ways on how to cheer up your girlfriend is to make her laugh. In your relationship, you may have discovered what makes your girl laugh. It can be a joke or a funny story. Whatever it is, by pulling the unexpectedly thing that could entertain her and make her laugh, you can cheer up her. Once she begins laughing, then who knows, perhaps that is just the initial step to get her back to her energetic life.

10. Be Physically Affectionate

Think of kissing or holding her hand more than usual if she is down. It might help her get through bad mood more quickly. Physical affection could help supply emotional support and might be exactly what she really needs.

11. Travel With Her

It is very nice to escape a little bit from the daily hustle and bustle life. Even just taking a day trip to the suburb could also relieve lots of stress in everyone’s mind. This could be extremely beneficial. Hence, now, don’t hesitate to add a mini vacation with her into your list of ways on how to cheer up your girlfriend.

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12. Cook A Meal For Her

Well, if you are a good enough, why don’t you think of making a meal for your girl to cheer up her? A romantic special meal will make her smile and a bottle of wine accompanied with dinner could relax her so much. Yet, make sure that during the dinner, two of you talk about pleasant things.

When a partner is in a bad mood, it could really put a damper on the relationship. When entering a relationship, all of us want to enjoy positive energy, excitement and fun, not sadness, but getting through a tough time seems to be inevitable. However, if we see things in the positive side, such tough time is a measurement of the relationship. Hence, take it easy. Just simply stay positive and happy, and apply the tips on how to cheer up your girlfriend above, you will send her signals that you are a keeper in the relationship.