4 tips on how to choose a tie: match shirt and tie patterns

Learning how to choose a tie and how to match your shirts and ties together so they will work well might be an art, yet it is the one that you can learn. In the past, a cravat rounded out the well-dressed gentleman’s outfit. Nowadays, the cravat’s successor, the necktie, serves the similar function.  And, knowing some tricks of selecting a tie is even considered as one of time saving tips for busy people. Any well-chosen tie is a great coordinating element in such a good outfit, a badly chosen or tacky tie could stick out and bring to you the wrong, even bad type of attention. In fact, tie selection is much easier if approached with some useful rules in mind. Here, from Wikiyeah.com, we cover top tips on how to choose a tie perfectly.

By learning the tips introduced here, you will know how to make shirt and tie patterns more easily!

How To Choose A Tie – Get The Perfect Match

1. Select A Tie Based On The Color Of The Suit And Shirt

The first tip on how to choose a tie that can compliment your suit, then you need to consider the color of your shirt and tie. With the black, grey or white suit, an abundance of ties will match well. Those very solid, basic suits could take a patterned or solid tie, though a checkered or pinstriped suit may look best with a solid selection.

Matching solid color is easy, but combining patterns is the way to go if you really want to add some character to your suit. In fact, there is no right or wrong, yet you need to stay away from looking like an optical illusion by following these basic rules:

  • The first RULE of THUMB on how to choose a tie: a fail proof rule is to start with the shirt. Build the primary color of the shirt before choosing the tie with a similar color anywhere in its pattern. There is a tip for you when it comes to choosing color for a suit and tie that your own tie should be darker than the shirt. For example, gingham check shirt with plaid slub tie, gingham check shirt with boarding stripe tie, Bengal stripe shirt with twill stripe tie, and stripe shirt with heraldic club tie.
Safe combinations of shirts and ties
Safe combinations of shirts and ties
  • The second RULE of THUMB on how to choose a tie: you should pick the right scale. The collar and the tie should be in proportion with each other. That means you need to pair large patterns should be paired with smaller ones because you need to make your patterns visually complement each other. As a warning, you should not match madras check shirt with the camo tie, pop dot shirt with plain tie, madras check shirt with broad-stripped tie, awning strip shirt with twill stripe tie. To put in simple words, you should avoid mixing patterns which own identical proportions.
Risky combinations of shirts and ties
Risky combinations of shirts and ties

Apart from two basic rules above, you can consider two ways to approach solid on solid matching:

  • Use contrasting color combinations: you have probably already been doing this. In case you are rocking a foundation shirt like the solid light blue, white, or pink, you could wear any color solid tie you love.
  • Use analogous color combinations: this is a super sleek, classy look that many people skip. If you have a solid light blue shirt, then you can match it with a solid dark blue tie. With pink shirt, go for a maroon, red, or purple tie. This is a minimalistic pairing that can symbolize a certain level of sartorial sophistication. [Must – read: how to tie a tie]
2. Understand Different Parts Of A Tie

How to choose a tie - understand different parts of a tie

If you want to know how to choose a tie, you need to acknowledge how a quality tie is as you spot it, so you will know what you should look for. For a tie, there are some elements you need to check:

  • Look at the lining: the target of the lining is to make tying the tie is much easier for users and to prevent it from wrinkling. You should choose a tie with the lining made from 100 percent wool. The more gold bars of that lining, the heavier it is.
  • The quality of tie: it should be made from three pieces of fabric, whilst the cheaper one might be made from just two. You should search for ties which are made of silk and finely made fabrics. An appropriately knotted tie needs to hold a dimple, and keep it shape for hours, so it is essential for you get a tie which is appropriately made. A quality tie has a sturdy lining while a cheaply-made one will often collapse from the messy knot. Also, they could stretch or pill as they become worn.
  • Check for hand rolling: a hand-stitched and hand-rolled hem can maintain a better shape than the machine-made one.
  • About stitch: look for the slip stitch to help maintain the shape of a tie. [Read: how to build self confidence]
3. Think Carefully Before Choosing A Pattern Of Tie

How to choose a tie - think carefully before choosing a pattern of tie

When it comes to how to choose a tie, choosing a proper tie pattern is important. Fun prints might seem like a good way to express your own personality or to show off your own favorite team or band, yet they could be overkill in such a wrong setting. After all, a necktie should look crisp and professional. The crazy pattern could damage your desired image.

4. Look At The Tie’s Length And Width

How to choose a tie - look at the tie’s length and width

Want to know how to choose a tie? Then you need to make sure that your tie can reach the waist of the pants as it is knotted. Also, do not choose any shorter or longer than that, so you should consider your height upon buying a tie. Men, who fit into the “big and tall” category, for instance, require a tie which is a little bit longer.

Bigger men typically look best with regular width ties (3.25 to 3.75 inches) whilst shorter and/or thin guys could add a trendy touch by wearing skinny ties (2-2.2.75 inches). In addition to your shape, the kind of jacket you wear should complement your own tie. As a good rule: the narrower a tie, the narrower the lapels of the jacket should be.

Let’s talk about tying the tie in the proper proportion. First, the tie had better be tied to end near the center of your belt buckle. Second, the size of your tie knot should fill the gap between the collar, thereby making such larger tie knots.

These are top 4 most useful tips on how to choose a tie that every man should not overlook. Like all aspects of style, getting an eye for color is a matter of trial and error and looking for what works for you. Use these tips, but remember that it is not all about the rules, have fun with some cool graphics to give yourself a dapper and sharper look.

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