How to compliment a girl and make her blush: 5 time-tested ways

Both men and women love compliments. Yet, girls tend to love compliments the most. One of the most important and first things you should know when learning how to compliment a girl is to be sincere. Avoid saying something nice as you read it somewhere on the Internet. To compliment a girl, you should initially learn to understand the different manners you could do it.

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How To Compliment A Girl – Make Her Blush With Your Compliments

How to compliment a girl

1. Compliment Her For How Beautiful She Looks

Among many ways on how to compliment a girl, this is a tried and true one, which is perfect all year round. Your date looks beautiful in her new dress, so why don’t you compliment her for how great she looks. How could you not appreciate such a beautiful and wonderful woman when she has taken so much effort to look great as a button just for you? [Read: types of kisses girls like]

2. Compliment Her By Staring At Her Often

This is a quite way to compliment a girl. Staring her often when you are having a date with her is considered one of the best quiet compliments a man could give a woman.

Once you can’t stand staring at a girl and getting lost in her beauty and eyes, it shows how surprised and happy you are to be with her. As a result, you show her how happy she is making you feel. [Read: how to make a girl smile and like you]

3. Compliment Her By Using Words

Another way to compliment a girl is using words, not the spoken ones, but the written ones. Poems and love stores have written by men to profess their admiration and love for their sweetheart. If you cannot give her a poem, then replace it with a beautiful card to profess your emotions for her.

4. Compliment Her For Her Great Skills

If she is good at singing or she is a fine wine drinker, then you could make use of that for complimenting.

The majority of men assume girls do not like to be complimented for anything other appearance, yet in fact it is not always true. Women are so familiar with being complimented only for their appearance, so it does not soften their heart as much as character compliment can. Hence, if you want to know how to compliment a girl and make her blush, you should find a great skill of that girl and compliment it. [Read: how to make a good impression on a first date]

5. Compliment For Her Femininity

Women also love to be complimented for her femininity such as her caring nature, her kindness, the way she smiles, the way she does with her hair, and so on.

This is a beautiful way to acknowledge for her beauty and her sweet ways without really talking about her own physical attributes. [Read: how to kiss a girl for the first time]

Before complimenting a girl, you should REMEMBER the followings:

  • If you feel confused about how to complimenting a girl, choose some of the best aspects of that girl to compliment, like her lips, hair, eyes, voice or her fragrance. It is safe and personal. In reality, it is hard for any girl to forget a compliment that gets involved in these aspects.
  • Avoid complimenting her girlie body parts, particularly in a first few dates. It is too physical. When the two of you get familiar with each other and the relationship is closer, you can use that technique.
  • The best compliments are the natural and spontaneous ones. Remember, be sincere and truthful when it comes to complimenting a girl.

By learning how to compliment a girl and make her blush with 5 effective ways above, you will be able to make her feel special, happier and loved.