12 basic tips on how to date a divorced man with kids

4. Talk, Don’t Stalk

With the development of social media and technology, it is easier than ever to find your man’s ex-wife. Without saying so much as a word to your guy, you could know what she looks like, what her favorites are, where she lives, and if she is much more beautiful than you are.

You could search her Facebook wall conversations and open notes she wrote about her ex-husband – him. Moreover, you could see how much his family loved her and sift through all painful images he has not tagged himself from you.

However, do not let yourself fall into this emotional roller-coaster. You will not find anything making your feel more secure in the current relationship or better about yourself. So, remember this advice of “talk, don’t stalk.” [Read: what is a good age to get married]

5. Prepare To Be Called The Name Of His Ex-Wife

Well, when becoming the person dating with a divorced man, you should also prepare yourself to be called your man’s ex-wife name, but not by him. It is often caused by his friends or family and you will be caught off guard.

Usually, many women tell that it took more than one year for them to experience this heart-pounding moment, so even if it has not happened yet, you should not consider yourself off the hook.

Try to correct gracefully. They are speaking out of old habit and it is really no reflection of you, him, or even his ex-wife. And, you will finally get past it, move on and the well-meaning cousin, aunt, grandma will know your real name soon. [Read: how men fall in love]

6. Do Not Wish Away His Past

How to date a divorced man? Then, you should not wish away his past. Though you might want to whole-heatedly agree or proceed by bashing his ex-wife, try to refrain. Whilst you do not want to hear about the happy moments with his ex-wife, they occurred. The guy you are dating is who he is due to his past experiences. So, you should not forget that fact, or let him wish those past moments away. Yet, his divorce does not define him. [Read: how to keep a relationship fresh and fun]

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