12 basic tips on how to date a divorced man with kids

7. Do Not Assume Things Will Improve On Their Own

If you have just begun dating a single parent and have gotten rumbling that the ex is displeased – with how you handle the kids or because you are keeping your new amour away from family duties – do not assume the new situation will improve if the two of you become an official couple or get married. The truth is, what you see is also what you get. [Read: stages of a relationship]

8. Establish A Few Ground Rules

Ex-spouses are usually possessed by the green-eyed monster, worrying that new boyfriend or girlfriend will soon replace them as parents. Thus, when you meet up with them, you will have a much better discussion if you abate their suspicions from that thought. Set up some ground relationship rules between the two of you to iron these things out. Make sure that you really tell your date this and not just mention it as a possibility, because your guy might try to talk you out of it. Emphasize your own goal – this is for the kids, not so the adults could air their petty jealousies and act like children themselves. Few parents would refuse. [Read: biggest turn offs for guys]

9. Never Show Up At The Event Of A Child Without Announcement

If you do not want to stir up trouble and end up with a screaming match whilst entering the school auditorium to see Junior’s play. In any case, if it is not rather clear whether your guy’s ex-wife will be fine with your presence, always ask your man to check first. No matter how outrageous and unfair, ask yourself this question: how will my presence impact the kid? If there is a big blow-up fight between you and the ex-wife, the kid will suffers more than anyone else, so bear in mind this tip on how to date a divorced man with kids. [Read: reasons why relationships fail]

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