8 tips on how to date a friend without ruining the friendship

At some points in our lives, it is inevitable to fall in love with a friend and want to date them. Dating friend is rather tricky. If you are looking for some practical tips on how to date a friend, then you are at the right place because here we will show you tried and true tricks on dating friend. Use these tips from Wikiyeah.com and you will be able to create the attraction in love soon.

How To Date A Friend Without Ruining The Friendship

How to date a friend

1. Give Them Your Attention

This is considered as one of the most basic tips on how to date a friend. Let that friend know that you like them and pay much more attention to them than to anyone else. It will show that you are really interested in getting to know that person better, and concurrently, it also helps to bring the two of you closer.

However, always keep in mind that giving them your attention does not necessarily mean that you always have to accept what they say. Keep your own points of view, yet still let that person know that you respect them by giving your undivided attention. [Read: how to show your love]

2. Flirt With Friends

The tip above might sounds vague at the beginning, yet you need to create chemistry before moving into another step. Friends do not really flirt, if they could not look at a certain friend as a potential partner. Thus, to know how to date a friend, you should warm them up to begin flirting with you. One of the best manners to begin flirting with friend is to smile and get blushed. When you like someone really, it will come naturally. Yet, smiling as well as blushing automatically will create an ideal atmosphere for those flirty conversations. [You may want to read: how to seduce a woman or girl]

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