How to date a military woman – 4 important tips

Have you ever thought that you will date a military woman? There are some specific things that strong military relationships have. Perhaps, you have just met a woman in the military and feel curious about how it feels if the relationship gets real. Maybe, you are dating a woman in the military yet want to know more prior to making a true commitment. Dating a woman in the military is not as glamorous as what you see in the Hollywood movies.

How To Date A Military Woman – What You Need To Know

How to date a military woman

If you are wondering how to date a military woman, then you should initially acknowledge a few things about dating a military woman below:

  • You will be far from each other or family.
  • There will be little things you could do if they complain about their job.
  • They could not beside you all the time.
  • Your career or education might take a backseat or change completely.
  • They may break tradition.
  • Your stress and anxiety levels will be high.
  • You can make grown-up decisions more quickly than normal couples.
  • You might not always fit in.
  • You may hear dependapotamus jokes.
  • You have to follow many rules.
  • Some people will see you crazy.
  • Your world may be controlled by those you do not know or never meet.
  • You need to be prepared for accidental situations.

In reality, dating a military woman means that you are both blessed and challenged. That woman is brave, true and stalwart – has all the qualities you need to serve in the armed forces. However, she also has hard jobs requiring her to be absent from home for even months now and then. The nature of her job could make it hard for her to open up emotionally. She might have seen a great deal of tragedy and violence.

Now, it is time to learn how to date a military woman successfully. This list introduced by gives people some realistic guidance into how it comes and what goes into military relationship.

1. Work Comes First

If you date a military woman, you need to understand that work will come first with her. Also, you need to respect the fact that your partner’s plans will be changed at a moment’s notice once she is deployed, or have active duty. Therefore, it is important to be supportive when her job requires scarifying of her personal life.

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2. Be Flexible In Time

One of the most basic tips on how to date a military woman is that you need to be flexible in the way you spend time together. The way you date might not be as traditional as face-to-face dating. That is why you should cherish the time that two of you have together. When you could not be together, make use of the development of technology, communicate by fax, video calls, e-mail, or phone calls. When being apart, do something meaningful like wring love letters that your partner could take whilst on duty.

3. Make Her Feel Like A Woman

When being together in person, you should treat her like a real woman. She might not always reveal her feminine side whilst on duty, yet that does not mean she will not enjoy the opportunity to do so. You can bring flowers and make some romantic gestures for her to let her know that she is respectfully cherished.

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4. Be Supportive Of Her Emotions

Another thing to remember when dating a military woman is to be supportive of her feelings. Because she has months away from you, as her loved one, in hostile environment, she becomes touchy and prone to those emotional outbursts. For her, the experiences in the military are unique and she might want to share them with them. Thus, you should be supportive to that case.