How to do a self breast exam at home: 7 easy tips

Breast cancer is increasing common in recent days. Beginning in their 20s, women should be told about the benefits and limitations of breast self-exam (BSE). Self-breast exams are so important and have saved many lives. Now, if you have not acknowledged about them, then it is time for you to start doing so. This article from will show you some useful tips on how to do a self breast exam at home.

How To Do A Self Breast Exam – Prevent Breast Cancer Beforehand

How to do a self breast exam

1. Do Self Breast Exams Monthly

First and foremost, when it comes to how to do a self breast exam at home, self-breast exams should be performed monthly. Doing them monthly will help you get used to what your breasts normally feel like. Besides, it is much easier for you to notice any change in your breasts. Do the test around the same time each month as there could be changes throughout the entire month in how they feel.

In fact, some ladies experience breast tenderness before they begin their periods; thus, it is often recommended to perform tests after your period begins to know how to do a self breast exam at the most appropriate time. [Read: how to get bigger boobs naturally]

2. Look Into The Mirror Initially

The first step on how to do a self breast exam is to look into the mirror. To start, you look at your breasts in the mirror with the shoulders straight and the arms on the hips.

Then, there are some things you had better look for:

  • Breasts should be their usual size, color, and shape
  • Breasts should be evenly shaped with no visible distortion or swelling

In case you see any change listed below, then bring them your doctor’s attention:

  • Puckering, dimpling, or bulging of your skin
  • A nipple which has changed position or inverted nipple – pushed inward instead of sticking out
  • Soreness, redness, swelling or rash

Try to look at your breasts from the side view as well.

Now, raise the arms and then look for the same changes. Whilst you are at that mirror, you should look for any sign of fluid coming out of one or broth nipples – maybe milky, watery, or blood or yellow fluid. [Read: how to get pink lips naturally]

3. Exam Breasts In The Shower Before Lying Down

Many women find that the easiest way to test and feel their breasts is at the time that their breasts are wet and slippery. Therefore, they love to do this test in the shower. It is recommended that women should examine their breasts in the shower and then lying down.

By this way, you will see 2 different chances to find anything suspicious. You will notice differences depending on when you are standing in the shower or lying down. When having a shower, cover the whole breast with your hand; glide the hands across the skin. When lying down, it is really a slower kind of testing. These two methods are both important.

4. Start On The Outside

Upon doing your own self breast exam, you should start from the outside and then working your hand inward. Use the tips of the fingers and rub in a gentle circle. Many females find that the 3 middle fingers will work best for this situation. Move your fingers across each of breasts, moving inward when going. Once you notice any lump, then you need to pay close attention to them. [Read: ways to look sexy but elegant]

5. Pay Attention To Anything Different

The next tip on how to do a self breast exam at home is that you need to be strongly alert for anything different. Once you find any lumps or hard areas, you should note them. If it is very minor, then you might need to write it down and keep an eye on it for about a single week before visiting doctors. In reality, the feeling of female breasts could modify throughout the month depending on the menstrual cycle. Write down precisely what you have just felt and in precisely what area of the breast it is so you will not forget later. [Read: how to tone your thighs fast]

6. Avoid Panicking If You Feel A Lump

In case you feel a lump, then do not worry. Most lumps do not turn out bad things. In some cases, about 80% is going to turn out be nothing. It can be a cyst, or even the natural form of your breasts. Of course, you should let your own doctor know and take over your care right at that point, particularly if that lump does not go away after one week.

7. It Does Not Replace For Professional Breast Exams

Though doing self breast exams is good and also a crucial step on the breast cancer awareness as well as early remedy. Yet, it could not replace for any professional exam. The 6 tips on how to do a self breast exam above just help you do regular tests at home, but once you suspect anything wrong with your breasts, and then make sure that you see your doctor for a breast exam. And, even if you do not see notice any difference in your breasts, you still need to see your doctor yearly. At some point, the doctor will most likely want to do mammograms as well. Though it could make you feel nervous a little bit, it is important.

Hope that the 7 important tips on how to do a self breast exam at home have helped you get some good guidance and information. Share your ideas with WikiYeah below this post.

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