How to do a smokey eye: 3 steps to the perfect modern smoky eye

Now, it is the time for every girl to let go of summer and are in full-on leather, boot, and layers mode. We are choosing darker, moodier makeup as well. The smoky eye has always been a red carpet staple in these colder months, or for us who are non-celebs. This article from  will show you how to create softness by blending out all the edges to make sure there will be no hard lines. Through these 3 steps on how to do a smokey eye, you will be able to get the perfect modern smoky eyes within a few minutes.

How To Do A Smokey Eye – 3 Super Simple Steps

1. Step 1 On How To Do A Smokey Eye

How to do a smokey eye - step 1

In order to know how to do a smokey eye, you firstly need to choose the eyeliner in a taupe shape with a little bit of smokiness. Oftentimes, people choose black as creating a smoky eye, yet it could end up looking artificial and harsh, while the shade like this will be able to contour and add more depth, yet still subtly. Moreover, it can works on those with various skin tones as well as eye colors (almost all).

Just simply start off as if you are lining your eyes regularly along the top lash line. Then, steadily make that liner thicker but avoid applying too much pressure when you work upward in order to create the shadow effect. After that, you take a small brush (you can use finger to work it) and instantly smudge, which will blend the liner out and diffuse it. Next, you cover the entire lid, which stop before the crease. However, you do not need to be perfect, just have a little coffee and be shaky if necessary, as the more messy, the better. [Read: how to increase eyelashes naturally]

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