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How to deceive yourself to eat less throughout a day? Instead of consuming intake of foods without controll causing overweight, read on and apply these best tips on how to eat less without feeling hungry to give you a helping hand to handle with it. Take a look, from Wikiyeah.com!

How To Eat Less – Diet Tips To Lose Weight Without Feeling Hungry

1. Drink A Full Glass Of Water Before A Meal

It is reckoned as an easy way to create a feeling of fullness and eat less. On average, overweight people drinking two glasses of water before each meal will reduce more weight than their counterparts. To put it simple, you can curb hunger, although water doesn’t contain any nutritional values. Beside water, a glass of lemon juice is a rational choice. Avoid using soda, frizzy drink or sugar-rich tea as they will increase a significant amount of unwanted calories. Frankly speaking, it is regared as one of the best manner to meet the demand of how to eat less. [Read: how to portion control]

2. Utilize Smaller Dishes

This is one of the simplest way on how to eat less, yet still effective. With diminutive eating tools, you will naturally eat less without any hard effort. Whether you are eating main meals or snacks, use your nondominant hand to charge energy slower and less. [Read: how to stop yo-yo dieting]

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