How to feel sexy and confident everyday: 17 important tips

5. Flirt

Flirting just by the simple action like making eye contact with other people when you walk down the street. Perhaps, just a smile given or a twinkle in you eyes can be great flirting acts. Put out the attraction vibes to increase your mojo. No matter you are single or married, I bet that you all want to feel desired. All of us feel the same. This kind of innocent flirting is wonderful foreplay that can immediately make you feel sexy as well as empowered. [Read: biggest physical turn ons for guys]

6. Stop Competing

Fact is, body image agonies might be aggravated to a great extend by girl-on-girl competition for desirability or the beauty. Girls will pick on the tiniest details as well as microflaws in others as they are extremely focused on winning this fierce competition. However, you had better acknowledge this: most guys tare desirous of some main sexy points of your own body. And, they do not care about the small flaws.

7. Accentuate The Positive

Opt for clothes, casual, and Friday night outfits that accentuate your natural assets (females) and fit you (males). Men, go ask female friends of your partner or those who are not prospective sweethearts to take you shopping and help make you over. Actually, the transformations could be very eye-opening. Seeing their approval and feeling yourself when looking in the mirrors is all what you need.

8. Pamper Yourself

Now and then, you had better treat yourself well. Give yourself the allowance to let go of guilt and indulge in something that can reawaken your sensual energy. It can be a simple massage, facial or nice long bubble bath. Go dancing or talk a walk in the nature. Allow yourself to relinquish responsibilities for just 1 hour and start reconnecting yourself. [Read: best foods for healthy skin]

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