How to find a better boyfriend / girlfriend – 14 useful tips

When it comes to dating, a big part is attracting a suitable partner. However, when you have done that, there is another main task is figuring out if you should keep them or not. This is called testing, qualifying, or screening the date. The majority of people have some kind of rough standards of what they are looking for in a potential partner. Even, some people have a specific checklist of abilities, traits, and characteristics. Usually, they include different physical attributes, personality quirks, and intelligence levels.
There are two important points upon finding a perfect partner you could have a real relationship with. The first is to know exactly what qualities you want in your partner. The second is to be that partner. Obviously, a relationship is a two-way process. If you want a specific trait in your partner, then you should develop such trait in yourself. This is because you want your partner to be a good reflection of your hidden dreams in your subconscious most of the time. In this article on, we will help you know how to find a better boyfriend / girlfriend by showing you what you need in a good partner.

How to find a better boyfriend

I. What To Look For In A Great Partner

1. Having Self-Control

One of the main aspects in a good partner to look for is having self-control. It means that you can prevent yourself from falling for temptations, so does your partner. An individual having self-control at the adequate level will be able to not get all of the temptations and wishes destroy their relationship. You can use some specific situations to check your partner’s self-control: subtle flirting or booze. Can he overcome subtle flirting? Is booze more important than you on a certain date night?

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2. Being Able To Compromise

The partner you choose should have the ability to compromise when necessary. Indeed, compromising will help you find a better boyfriend / girlfriend. A relationship could not work if both partners do not compromise. Upon looking for a partner, you need to observe if he/she could compromise on even small things for you. If he/she can, he/she could actually set aside his/her pride for you, thereby showing that your partner is not too egotistic. Your happiness is important for him/her.

3. Give Enough Attention

Not giving enough attention to our partner or our relationship is one of the most common reasons of breakups. If you do not get enough attention from your partner, then it is time for you to end the relationship and look for someone new. When you date someone, you will be supposed to be the most crucial part of their own life. If the person you are dating with gives you all of his attention, then do not ever let them go.

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4. Being Goal-Oriented

You need to see whether or not your partner really has a goal of their life or they are just wasting time. Once your partner is not goal-oriented, chances are they may never take you as well as your relationship serious. Perhaps, for them, life is a joke and they do not have enough guts to make a move.

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