How to find a better boyfriend / girlfriend – 14 useful tips

4. Spread Positivity

Everyone loves to live in positivity. What you need from your significant other is the smile at the end of the day, making you forget all stresses and worries of the day. When you stay positive, no matter how hard it is, your partner will be sure that they will become a beacon of hope and love for you, shining your way throughout.

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5. Be Thankful

In order to learn how to find a better boyfriend / girlfriend, it is fundamental to show your gratitude to your partner and they will make a big attempt to make you satisfied and happy. This proven fact can be test instantly by you. Just simply thank your partner now and then as they do the small thing for you, that way you will see them happy. They know that you appreciate their attempts.

6. Give Necessary Space

Giving your partner space is one of the most basic tips when it comes to building a happy relationship. Nobody likes to be suffocated in love or a relationship. You may want your significant other to understand the importance of giving you the essential space as well as air to breathe every now and then when things get crammy. So does your partner.

7. Acknowledge The Needs Of Your Partner

Last but not least important when learning how to find a better boyfriend / girlfriend is acknowledging the needs of your partner. When you date someone and are intimated enough to share the same bed, you may need to understand their likes and dislikes in bed. The same goes for general life. Try to understand the likes and dislikes as well as the expectation for you of your partner. This is a basic instinct of human beings, enabling you to connect with your significant other.

Now, if you are really looking for a partner who is better than your ex, do not skip the tips and advice above. Getting love from a person is not enough. You need to consider all the aspects mentioned above to make them become your partner because after all, you do not life to get used or wasted.

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