How to find out if your boyfriend is married – 10 warning signs

You are dating a good man who is great at times, and you think he has all you want to have in a man. Now, a thought emerges in your mind: is he married or dating someone else?

You might not want to date a married man, yet every now then, there are some men who always want the best of the world. They both want to settle a committed relationship with one individual and happy rapid fling with another one. Yet, you should not blame yourself when you find yourself falling head over heels in love with someone who is dating someone else. You should blame yourself if you ignore some gaping signs that he is married or dating someone else.

If you are wondering how to find out if your boyfriend is married or dating someone else, then you should not skip this article. Here are subtle signs what are often overlooked by girls but they tell a lot about the truth. Some information in this article is referred from YourTango and Allwomenstalk. Take a quick look from!

How To Find Out If Your Boyfriend Is Married – 10 Subtle Signs

How to find out if your boyfriend is married

1. The Story Of His Own Life

Now, if you are wondering how to know if your boyfriend is married or dating someone else, you should start considering what he used to tell you about the story of his life. Do you know anything about his personal life? Does he persuade you that he is a secret agent? Actually, a man who is married or dating someone else might a few reasons to modify the conversation when being asked about his work, or life as he would not want you visiting him there. A single man would be comfortable and happy to show off the details in his work and life. So, if you do not know anything about his own life, his family or friends, be careful. There is something wrong here.

The first several dates are about getting to know each other. If your dates just get involved in sexual explorations in bedroom, then he might want to hide something from you or not care to get to know you better.

2. He Pays By Cash

This sounds rather irrelevant when it comes to learning how to find out if your boyfriend is married or dating someone else. However, it does tell a lot. This means he either has a lot of money within his hands or a built-in-ATM in his coat. Nowadays, people are too comfortable to use plastic money. When your boyfriend never uses a card, then he either he has got a bad credit or does not want another girl to know of his secret activities with you right behind her back.

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3. You Have Not Met His Friends Yet

Does this scare you somehow? You are a big chick. Now, remember if you have met his friends yet or not? Is he treating you like a well-kept secret? If yes, maybe his intentions are keeping it that way.
If he accidently bumps into a colleague or coworker when hanging out with you, and he tries to avoid that person or intentionally stops the conversation rapidly, then he is keeping some secrets from you.

4. Pay Attention To Happy Dates

Tell me: how does he behave with you when you two go out to a coffee shop? Does he feel highly alerted and often scan the room? If a man constantly looks around like there is something bothering him when being on a date with you in public, he might be scared to be seen at that place at the wrong time with the wrong girl.

Another thing to consider is PDA. Did he show the love for you in public like holding your hands or kissing you when being at the coffee shop? If no, then he is trying his best to avoid being caught by someone else that you will get to know in certain day.

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5. Pay Attention To Those Affectionate Dates

Does your boyfriend often touch you with a barge pole in the public place? If no, but surprisingly in a lonely, romantic place like a restaurant, he becomes a passionate guy, then he has either got a split personality or another girl back at home. Or, it can be a case that he blows hot and cold with you.

6. Interrupting Phone Calls

Does your boyfriend avoid answering certain phone calls when being with you now and then?

Well, that is great in early stages. It might show that he respects your presence and does not want to bother you with phone calls. This adds “totally romantic and considerate” feature to him. Yet, if his phone keeps ringing again and then he walks outside or just out of your own earshot in order to whisper something into the phone, then be careful.

7. Phone Conversations

How to find out if your boyfriend is married or dating someone else? Pay more attention to the phone calls with him. Does he have a home phone? Most cheating boyfriends suffer from temporary amnesia regarding to remembering that they have a phone at home, particularly when they are flirting with a girl like you.

Now, another aspect to pay attention to is his speaking ways with you. Does he behave abnormally when calling him at odd hours? Does he answer your phone calls at such hours? Does he speak with you like it is a business call? If yes, he is hiding something.

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8. He Hangs Out In The Hood

Have your boyfriend ever invite you over to his place? Does he make up a series of persuading excuses to do anything else but visit his house?

If no, then you have a sure-fire thing to worry about. If he loves hanging out with you in your place every times, yet never invites you back his home, then his is definitely hiding something. Single men love inviting their girlfriends over to their house as it can bring him closer to getting you on his bed. Hence, if a man you are dating really wants to have some physical intimacy with you yet does not want to take you to his own bed, he might well be sharing his bed with someone else.

9. When Chatting About His Single Status

When talking to him about the single status of your boyfriend, does he answer convincingly? Oftentimes, every single man either knows the local restaurant addresses or even phone calls by heart. So, if he could not rattle off a long list of places to get his laundry done or places to relax, he is obvious trying to make up something.

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10. Patterns In His Business Or Travel Plans

If there are some patterns in your boyfriend’s business or travel plans, then you definitely have something to worry about. Married men may have their kids in another state. If he is a single man, then he would not have any problem playing the dating game. Does he have any rigid travel or business plan, like him going away for about 1- 2 weekend days every two weeks? Does he have any fixed slots for your phone call? If yes, then, he may travel to see his children and have things to do with them.

Assume that he has a business plan, if he is really loves you, maybe, you can accompany him sometime to his hometown. But, if he feels awkward about you meeting his children, then you can tag a friend along, spend time with your friend and then catch up for meal with your guy in the adjacent restaurant. That sounds simple but it will not simple if he is dating someone or happily married.

So, there you have most effective relationship tips on how to find out if your boyfriend is married. The next time you date your boyfriend, use these tips to keep your eyes on your boyfriend.
So is he married or dating someone else? These signs are all you need and more. The next time you’re in love with a suspicious guy who’s doing all he can to bed you on the first date, keep your eyes peeled and remember these signs.