How to fix a bad kisser: 11 signs & 12 tips for bad kissers

Bad kisser – you do not want to be that person or date that one, right? Kissing is an enjoyable activity which is shared by two individuals. This intimate act is done out of passion, love, affection and attraction. It is a simple gesture that people do to show other people how they feel.

Signs Of A Bad Kisser

A bad kisser has some common features, in fact. He/she does not know how to please the lips of another person with the his/her own. Before you learn how to fix a bad kisser, check out 11 following signs of a bad kisser. They are:

  • Dry lips
  • Over production of saliva
  • Too much biting
  • Heavily breathing and gasping
  • Making improper noises
  • Bad breath
  • Rapid-paced kiss rhythm
  • Over width of the mouth
  • Aggressive tongue movements
  • A lot of teeth bumping
  • Talking

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Now, You May Want To Know How To Fix A Bad Kisser?

Actually, the key point of a good kisser is to be acknoweldge of your partner’s likes. Giving a good kiss is about being prepared and planning the right timing.

How to fix a bad kisser
How to fix a bad kisser

1. Brush Teeth

Of course, in order to learn how to fix a bad kisser, you should not forget brushing your teeth. Yet, you do not need to do it right before having a kiss because it makes you looks strange. Do it before meeting with your partner. [Read: how to kiss passionately]

2. Drink Water

Nobody likes having to kiss the one with a dry mouth. By drinking water, you can moisturize up your dry lips, and also alleviate the smell of your previous meal.

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3. Wear Lip Balm

Lip balm wearing, among tips on how to fix a bad kisser, is something you might think it is just for woman. Nevertheless, whether you are a girl or a guy, you should also run a little lip balm over the lips before having a kiss. As a result, your lips will become smooth and supple, and using lip balm with flavor will give the kiss a kick.

4. Have A Mint

It might be clichéd and could make you seem like you carefully prepared for a kiss, yet you do not need to feel sorry about that. Your date will love it. [Read: home remedies for bad breath]

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