How to fix a bad kisser: 11 signs & 12 tips for bad kissers

5. Start Gently

Among tips on how to fix a bad kisser, gentle start is always important. That means you should give your partner a slight peck on their mouth before moving forward. If he/she reciprocates, you could begin moving the lips in a way that does not be awkward for you two.

6. Swallow The Saliva

Over production of spit might be one of the most common mistakes in bad kissers. When kissing your partner, do not pass your spit on to them. Gulp so that you will not have too much drool in there. [Read: how to create sexual tension]

7. Match The Rhythm

For people who are kissing, no one is the one in control. It is better for you to be in sync with your date rather grappling one another with your mouths. There are different speeds of kissing due to different situations. Acknowledging the “feels good” for the two of you and being aware of any awkward things is important for great kissing experience.

8. Breathe Via Your Nose

You will not asphyxiate just due to a kiss, so when you feel you could not take control of your own breathing, then stop and have a quick relax before continuing your kiss. [Read: biggest physical turn ons for guys]

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