How to fix a bad kisser: 11 signs & 12 tips for bad kissers

9. Give Gently Bites

Wanna to nip the lips of your date? Just do it a second. Avoid doing it for too long as biting just should be an accessory to the process of kissing, not an inevitable section of it.

10. Avoid Making Your Mouth Too Wide

You wanna make use of your tongue? It is okay. But, do not contain your gums and teeth in that mix. It is not necessary for you to open the own mouth too wide to French kiss your date. Instead, open it enough for the tongue to appropriately move into the mouth of your date.

11. Control Your Tongue

You should not use patterns introduced in the magazines as well as click-bait writings. You had better use the tongue appropriately and moderately by moving it harmonously with your date’s. Test what works for the two of you rather than trying to move your own tongue down even your date’s throat.

12. Keep Quiet

Do not talk during kissing. If you have to, do it later. If there is any dirty talk involved, you should just take a moment to do it rather than mumbling it into the mouth of your date. Actually, words will become sexier if they could be heart clearly.

There, you have known 12 fixing tips on how to fix a bad kisser. Check the list of 11 signs of bad kissers above and if you have any one of them, apply 12 remedies for bad kisser introduced here.

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