How to fix bad posture in adults with 5 exercises

Physical therapists pointed out that many neck, back, and spinal problems result from bad posture. In fact, poor posture when sitting, driving, walking, and picking up objects as well as lying down might result in abnormal stress on your spine that finally leads to debilitating medical issues. However, now you could head off all these issues by taking the simple self-test to the right, then using the simple-to-follow exercises shared by to learn how to fix bad posture, soothe the pain, and get your curves moving in the right direction.

How To Fix Bad Posture – 5 Beginner Exercises For Adults

1. Standing Forward Bend

How To Fix Bad Posture - standing forward bend

To start this exercise on how to fix bad posture, you stall tall with the feet hip-width apart. Interlace fingers behind your back; press the palms together while straightening the arms behind you. If your shoulders are tight, the palms might not touch. In fact, the more you can stretch, the easier it will be to press them together, helping deepen the opening in your shoulders. Then, you inhale, taking your own gaze to the ceiling and start bending backwards slightly. After that, you exhale, folding forwards at your hips, and try bringing the crown of the head towards the ground. Keep your hands falling forward, arms straight, rinse out the shoulders. It is necessary for you to breathe deeply and keep your palms together and allow hands to fall forward more with every exhale. Keep the position for 5 to 10 breaths before rolling back up to the starting point.  [Read: leg exercises for women to get sexy legs]

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