How to fix bad posture in adults with 5 exercises

2. Bridge Pose

How To Fix Bad Posture - Bridge Pose

With this exercise on how to fix bad posture in adults, you lie on the back, your knees bent and our feet flat on the ground, arms placed by your sides. Then, walk the feet close enough to the butt so that you could graze the heel with your own longest finger. Then, inhale and press through heels and lift hips to the sky. After that, you wiggle the shoulder blades underneath your body and then interlace the fingers. You need to elongate the arms on the ground and press your fist towards the heels. Try breathing deeply and keep this position for about 3 or 3 breaths. Tuck the chin while slowly lowering the hips. You had better repeat the routine from 2 to 5 times to get better results.

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