How to fix bad posture in adults with 5 exercises

3. Upward-Facing Dog

How To Fix Bad Posture - Upward Facing Dog

This is one of basic yoga exercises that can help you fix bad posture effectively. To begin, you lie face down on the mat, your palms directly under your shoulders, your elbow bent by your sides, and your legs extended and tops of the feet flat on the ground. After that, you inhale and press firmly into palms pulling torso forwards lightly. Besides, you need to straighten the arms, roll the shoulders back and down. Gaze slightly towards the ceiling. Create pressure into the tops of feet, lift the torso and thighs several inches off the ground. Keep this position for 2 to 4 deep breaths and repeat this set for 2-3 times. [Read: yoga poses for weight loss]

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