How to fix bad posture in adults with 5 exercises

4. Cow Face Pose

How To Fix Bad Posture - Cow Face Pose

With this exercise, you sit on the floor and cross the right leg over the left one. Try to line the right knee directly over the left one. Bring the right foot by the right hip and vice versa. Then, you inhale and stretch right arm out right at the shoulder height before rotating thumb towards floor and then to the back wall, you palm facing the ceiling. Then, you exhale, sweep the right arm behind your body, rest the right forearm on your low back and bring back of the right hand between the two shoulder blades. After that, inhale and stretch the left arm out in from of you right at the shoulder height, turn the palm towards ceiling. Raise the left arm to the ceiling while keeping palm facing back wall. Next, exhale and bend your left elbow, slowly bring the left hand to meet the right one while trying to hook fingers. Keep this position for about 1 minute. In order to challenge yourself more and deepen stretch, you hinge at hips and lean the torso forward. Do this routine again with the opposite side. [Read: how to lose arm fat naturally]

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