How to flirt online with a girl/ guy without being creepy: 10 steps

If direct cajolement isn’t your strong strength, you can use technology to hit the mark. It is difficult to show your emotions, emotion and thoughts subtly when you pay court to someone you like. Now, everything becomes easier with the help of expedient methods which guide you how to flirt online with a girl/guy without being too creepy.

How To Flirt Online With A Girl/Guy – 10 Time Tested Tips

How to flirt online
How to flirt online

1. Pay Attention To Your Crush’s Costumes And Actions

In regard to tips on how to flirt online, commenting on a photo or a status might be the basic step you can take. When seeing your crush, show your concern with their presence by saying “hello” or a friendly smile is enough. But when you and he/she are online at the same time, send them a message and make comments on their statuses. You can commence with eulogy such as, “Hey, your shirt or your dress is suitable to you. Where did you buy it? These remarks let them understand that you were caring about them than you feign. [Read: how to compliment a girl and make her blush]

2. Make Enquiries About What Your Crush’s Online Inclinations And Update Them

How to flirt online is not arduous, however, you should be delicate. With the help of Google, you can look up the updated news about the likings of your crush. For example, if they are keen on a singer, you can mention some information of his/her latest album or hit songs. If the crush admires a famous idol, send him/her the picture that they might have let the good opportunity slip to see it. In case your crush is fond of concrete TV shows, yet, ensure you do not become a foolish flirter who immediately lists a lot of spoilers. In fact, most people are rather sensitive to spoilers. Remember to be careful. [Read: useful flirting tips for girls]

3. Be Cautious To The Button “Like”

Firmly you could creep into your one-sided lover’s favour by clicking “Like” all their actions which they posted on Facebook. Nonetheless, the optimal way is that you like several posts in order to not bother their newfeed.

If you like all of their statuses, it will makes you an insane Facebooker, not an elegant follower. On the contrary, liking typical photos will make your crush think why you like these photos and you dislike. It will keep your crush pay attention to you more and make push up their curiousness. [Read: how to get a girl to notice you]

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