How to get a bigger bum in 1 month: 9 exercises & nutrition tips

Looking for ways on how to get a bigger bum, say, in 1 month or so? When it comes to big butts – Kim Kardashian’s buttock is certainly something to aspire to. If you want to know how to get a bigger bum, the first thing you should acknowledge that it requires a disciplined approach to fitness and diet. Here uncovers top useful exercises and nutrition tips to help women obtain an hourglass shape within just 1 month.

How To Get A Bigger Bum – 9 Nutrition Tips And Exercises

1. Change Your Diet

Begin your process of learning how to get a bigger bum with some simple diet changes. It is recommended that women should cut out the processed foods which are not doing their body any good. Opt for foods which are rich in carbohydrates, particularly complex carbs like rice, potatoes, pasta, and bread. You had better try to consume a carbohydrate-rich meal several hours before your do exercise.

Apart from the carbs, you had better add protein-rich foods to your diet plan such as chicken, beef, nuts, beans and fish. Whilst the carbohydrate-rich foods might add weight to your buttock, those protein-rich foods will allow you to build muscle. You should consume both foods for butt gain and do not forget to eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily. That way, you will keep your own body healthy so you could best perform those butt exercises introduced below. [Read: how to get rid of bra fat]

2. Add Maca

If you are trying to learn how to get a bigger bum in 1 month only, just simply go for Maca. In fact, most butt pills often take several months to kick in, particularly if they are hormonal, yet with Maca, you can begin noticing changes fast. It is reported that Maca can work as a helpful appetite suppressant. When it comes to the effectiveness of Maca towards the butt growth, it does affect your hormones, yet unlike the other butt growth pills, it consists of no hormone in itself. There are also no phytoprogestins or phytoestrogens. Basically, Maca works by enhancing optimal function of your endocrine glands. It can balance out your body hormones.

Moreover, dried Maca is about 60% carbohydrate, which will support you to aid your carb consumption without adding calories. Actually, it consists of 5 times more protein than a potato and 4 times more fiber. Therefore, you should add Maca to your butt enhancement regime right now. [Read: healthy eating habits]

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