How to get a girl to fall for you with 15 sneaky moves

6. Be Funny

Girls love those guys who are funny or can crack a joke. It is science. So, get a sense of humor. If you do not have it as your instinct, then you can practice it. Practice jokes on your friends often, learn the jokes that work. When being with her alone, you tell a joke to break the tension.
In case you are not good at jokes, then you could still bring about a good sense of humor. Be around those who are funny. Be positive and even slightly self-deprecating humor.

7. Look Good

I am not telling that you have to be a handsome guy with luxury accessories. Looking good here means being tidy, fit, and healthy, at least from outside. Do exercise, dress well, smell great, and look healthy. That way, you can be attractive to women and make a great first impression with all girls you meet.

8. Avoid Revealing Your Insecurity

When flirting with a girl, do not show her that you are insecure, including your jealous streak, particularly if she gets a lot of attention from other men who are also trying to impress her concurrently. Once she sees that you are an insecure as well as jealous man, then she will think you are just a creep man. Of course, a little taste of jealous in love is cute, but it just should be shown after she begins showing some signs she also falls in love with you.

9. Be Around Her When She Needs Help

There is a great tip on how to get a girl to fall for you fast – being the guy around her when she needs. You should be the man whom she could depend on and who can help get out of trouble. Let her feel safe when being with you and let he believe that you are the man who could deal with any tough case. That way, you will make her fall in love with you in no time.

10. Flirt Naughty And Friendly

Some flirty moves are indispensable when trying to get a girl fall for you. But, you should make your moves naughty and friendly. If possible, get alone time with her in case there are other men around. And, when you are not sure about if she likes you or not, then you should start flirting as a normal friend.

After getting over the friendly flirting, you can move on. It is sad that the best way to flirt with a girl is through texting or talking via the phone. Call her up in the evenings, sometimes at night when she gets bed, speak softly, and lower your voice. Then, even before you acknowledge it, the two of you are flirting naughty together as long as you go the right direction.

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