9 true steps on how to get a girl to kiss you by arousing her

4. Occasionally Make Physical Touch

Subtly touch your girl’s fingers. She will not mind. Compliment her perfume or skin. by touching her delicately and softly, you will create sexual tension easily. This is also one of most effective ways on how to create sexual tension you can make use of.

5. Set The Mood For Her But Do Not Show Your Funny Side Too Soon

Maybe, you are a humorous guy, but it is not the right time for you to show off your funny side. It might kill the romance and moods built. Just speak lightly and softly, lower your voice. Clasp her own fingers with yours, stroke her forearm and palm also. Even when she is confused about your action, she will also get into the mood.

Observing her expressions and you will know that if she is reciprocating to you and start talking softly too or not.

6. Have A Small Cheek Kiss

This is tricky step that just should be taken when you feel she is also warmed up to you. Have a talk about the two of you and tell her you happy when knowing her. And, when saying that, you turn your body towards her side and place a gentle kiss on the cheek of that girl softly, and then smile. That way, she will smile back involuntarily. [Read: how to compliment a girl and make her blush]

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