9 true steps on how to get a girl to kiss you by arousing her

7. Observe Her Reactions

After sending her signals and giving her a first kiss, you see what she does. If you smiles and blushes, great, you are on the right track.

If she seems confused, you should not fret as it might go too fast. Jog back a little big and take it slow. If she does not reciprocate, then it is not the exact moment for you to move on. Keep patience.

8. Take Action Again

This step should be done if you realize her excitement for your first kiss. Before taking the next step, you should look at her eyes gently. Getting distracted might scare her away, remember. Then, you kiss her cheek again, but also let your own lips nearly touch hers. Remember, this is the decisive moment if you can arouse her or not. Make your dream of getting her to kiss you come true by lingering for several seconds with your kiss. [Read: how to get a girl to notice you]

9. Observe Her Reactions

The last tip on how to get a girl to kiss you is to take further step. If she likes your kiss and your lingering, blushes or gets closer to you, kiss her. She definitely likes it and wants it.

The rule of thumb is to avoid moving away after kissing in order to not break that already built-up sexual tension. Sit closer to her and get closer to her lips. Who knows, she will make a move to kiss you back.

The moment is good whether she kisses you or not. Even when she does not do it now, you are putting in time for later.

There, you have known some practical steps on how to get a girl to kiss you. However, keep in mind that while trying to do it, you should still be yourself, be a gentleman, respect her privacy. And, when you finish your kiss, you look into her deep eyes and smile.

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